Eccentex- Process Automation & Low Code Development Platform

The low-code development landscape is experiencing a surge, with businesses worldwide rapidly embracing the power of these platforms. These innovative solutions are catalysts for accelerating application development cycles, empowering citizen developers (non-technical employees), and streamlining digital transformation initiatives. In this space, Eccentex has strengthened its position as a frontrunner in end-to-end process automation and low-code development.

Eccentex’s flagship offering, AppBase, is a user-friendly, traditional declarative, low-code development platform specifically designed for customer service and case management. It focuses on a targeted industry segment, emphasizing user-friendliness and flexible workflow features, positioning Eccentex AppBase as a strong contender to empower businesses and revolutionize low-code development.

AppBase is an award-winning customer service platform. This comprehensive package offers case and task management, proactive engagement, scheduling, knowledge base, task routing, SLA management, and interaction with legacy data systems among other functionalities designed to streamline workflows and optimize operations.

Dynamic case management enables firms to create flexible systems that can handle the complexity of customer service and case management. Eccentex develops workflows that adapt to unique needs, ensuring consistent and precise results every time, regardless of unforeseen conditions.

Beyond application creation, AppBase goes a step further with business process automation. Repetitive tasks that drain valuable resources can be automated, freeing up employees to focus on critical thinking and decision-making. This optimizes efficiency and fosters transparency across communication channels. Departmental silos are eliminated, resulting in a more cohesive and collaborative work environment.

Additionally, the focus of AppBase extends beyond the internal processes. Enhanced customer experiences are a key priority. Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allows businesses to manage customer interactions effectively, track service history, and personalize interactions for improved customer experiences. AppBase could offer functionalities for building portals where customers can access frequently asked questions (FAQs), track the status of their cases, and submit requests independently.

Robust data management capabilities within Eccentex’s AppBase allow businesses to collect, store, analyze, and report on data on customer interactions and case management. These insights are valuable for identifying areas for improvement and optimizing customer service strategies.

Anyone can quickly deploy and effortlessly customize applications with Eccentex’s adaptable cloud software, built on our one-stop AppBase platform. — Alex Stein, CEO

Collaboration and team productivity are paramount for successful customer service and case management.  AppBase could offer features for seamless communication between team members, efficient task management, and knowledge sharing. This ensures everyone is on the same page, fostering a collaborative environment that leads to faster resolution times and improved outcomes.

AppBase boasts advanced features that position it for growth. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) integration allows further workflow optimization by automating even more complex tasks. Omnichannel integration, potentially with platforms like Genesys, simplifies managing customer interactions across various channels (phone, email, chat) from a single platform. Proactive engagement capabilities empower businesses to anticipate customer needs and prevent issues before they arise. By identifying potential problems, AppBase enables businesses to trigger proactive interventions, reducing caseloads.

A centralized knowledge base, potentially built and maintained within AppBase, empowers both employees and customers to find answers quickly. This not only reduces the need for repetitive inquiries but also facilitates self-service and improves resolution times. Scheduling appointments and managing calendars are also streamlined through appointment scheduling, resource allocation, and calendar management features. AppBase’s potential for integration with Business Intelligence (BI) tools allows for advanced reporting and data analysis.

The comprehensive suite of functionalities enables Eccentex AppBase to position itself as a potential game-changer for businesses seeking to unlock the potential of a low-code development platform specifically designed for customer service and case management. Eccentex’s AppBase empowers businesses to create a more efficient, customer-centric environment, improving customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.