eClinical Solutions – Clinical Data Management Solutions

One of the leading CTMS solution providers, eClinical Solutions is on a mission to transform the clinical research sphere. The clinical management company is working towards making clinical research data more effective, efficient, and accessible to treat patients faster. The vision behind eClinical Solutions’ creation was to identify the issues in clinical research data and rectify them to provide innovative solutions to make clinical trial data efficient and easy to acquire, and to enable the standardization, reporting, and functioning of the clinical research domain.

Launched in 2012, eClinical Solutions has a decade of experience and expertise under its belt, driven by its dedication to assisting its clients in receiving high-quality clinical treatment. The CTMS provider has a highly skilled team that works diligently to empower the clients and make access to critical trial data manageable.

eClinical Solutions offers a cloud-centric platform that modernizes, analyses, and digitizes clinical data and simplifies it by eliminating redundancies and controlling the duration of various processes by providing real-time data. The Bangalore-based company pairs its clinical trial knowledge with core technology, such as Rave Clinical Cloud and the elluminate Clinical Data Hub, to collaborate with clients and make the system flexible to incorporate changes if needed.

Various trends affect the clinical trial management system. Data collection has become a complicated task in recent years due to the amount of data available and the lack of organizational tools, leading to an unorganized and chaotic data management system. Keeping these trends in mind, eClinical Solutions has devised strategies and services to make data collection more convenient and manageable whilst adhering to regulatory compliance, increasing security, and enhancing privacy.

“We have capabilities that can elegantly and efficiently transform this raw data into something meaningful for insights and intelligent decision-making,” said Raj Indupuri, CEO of eClinical Solutions.

With elluminate, eClinical Solutions has enabled data access, where it is possible to access data across various programs and sources and combine them to create a single data point. The clinical management company’s eCS tool merges technological advancements, the best and the latest system processes, and experienced staff to monitor and provide real-time data. With their expertise, data administration professionals have created a clinical trial system that allows investors to study and track essential clinical data.

Through elluminate and Medidata Rave clinical cloud, data professionals have sped up the processes, enabling the production of high-quality data in a short time. The two tools provide access to data points and apply agile principles to manage data using targeted and regular data monitoring. eClinical Solutions incorporates protocol changes and allows cross-functional partnership, which helps clients access high-quality data that is safely available for faster and more efficient results.

eClinical Solutions assists in strategic data tracking with a centralized system created to report problems, reconcile SAE, and review in-stream data. The company’s expert knowledge and insights regarding CDISC, CDASH, and SDTM, help support ongoing system processes. eClinical Solutions’ biostatisticians and statistical professionals create table listings to avoid ADaM deliverables and ISS/ISE reports. They develop various methods to organize content in a structured manner and convert it into clinical data. eClinical Solutions follows a data-centric approach to revolutionize the clinical management area and map out the best techniques to deliver medicines to patients.

The clinical data company has used its strategies and products to make it easier for its clients to navigate the clinical trial space. Agios Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceuticals company, required a system to organize and centralize their data, enabling them to produce and review output data. In addition to a centralized system, they also needed a platform to structurally map their data, SDTM, and implement a data point to access their in-house data efficiently. Using its elluminate tool, eClinical Solutions made data loading, tracking, developing, and extraction effective, which enabled Agios to make its data flow more accessible.