EDM Americas – Digitally transform, accelerate, automate and improve business processes

EDM Americas is a prominent provider of Business Process Automation and Information Management solutions. The firm offers information technology services that include document scanning and capture, workflow automation, and digital mailroom processing. EDM Americas’ highly customized solutions drive enterprises forward through a combination of new technology and extensive industry understanding to improve efficiency and client engagement, minimize risk, and lower expenses.

Scanning paper files and transferring data to the cloud are no longer the limit of digital transformation. The possibility of using secure digital solutions, automation, and processes to support a company’s in-person, hybrid, or remote workforce and get closer to its customers is tremendous.

EDM Americas, Inc. started in 1982 in Northeastern Pennsylvania (as Diversified Technologies) to provide organizations in the Northeast United States with box file storage and retrieval services. In the mid-’80s, EDM Americas established its national footprint and recruited one of its first significant customers, who is still with the firm today.

EDM America’s proven methodologies and proprietary, technology-based solutions have assisted some of the country’s largest and most regulated organizations in making the transition to digital. The company has established long-standing relationships with multiple Fortune 1000 companies in the insurance, financial services, healthcare, and government sectors.

Manual, human-driven processes are slow, inefficient, and frequently insufficient to meet the real-time needs of today’s businesses. Inbound correspondence can be received, digitized, indexed, and routed to either EDM Americas’ hosted document management and workflow solution, EDMonline™, or a client’s existing system. EDMonline is one of many solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs, and the overarching commitment to responsive service has solidified its competitive position as a vendor partner of choice.

Through acquisitions, service line extensions, and collaborations with strategic, long-term clients, EDM Americas has evolved into a focused, modern-day provider of information digitization solutions. They concentrate on industries with strict regulations and massive transactional volumes, such as insurance and financial services.

Over 275 dedicated associates assist EDM Americas’ clients in the transformation of critical but non-core business processes. They use extensive transaction processing workflow experience and best-in-class technology to reduce costs, increase resource efficiencies, maintain security, ensure compliance, and improve customer outcomes.

“The global pandemic has further accelerated the urgency for businesses to have critical data in a digital format that is secure, compliant, and accessible from anywhere. Through years of experience understanding and developing business processes enabled by best of breed technology for our clients, EDM Americas’ digitization solutions will be an important driver of your Digital Transformation and Information Management objectives,” says Jimmy Eyerman, President and CEO, EDM Americas.

The use of digital mailrooms and digital transformation solutions improves customer satisfaction while reducing costs and manual errors. One of the world’s largest procure-to-pay companies uses EDM Americas to streamline accounts payable processing, and a financial and life insurance company has decreased its lease expenses at more than 35 locations since partnering with EDM Americas on strategic paper backfile conversion projects. EDM Americas has been a long-time leader in the Document Management arena, assisting clients through all phases of their digital transformation journeys.

By consulting with industry experts, businesses can start to embrace digital tactics. Rather than attempting to piece together an in-house solution, organizations should concentrate on their key skills and seek out competent outsourcing partners to handle non-core activities as they define and refine their digital strategies.

EDM Americas offers a unified suite of compliant, secure solutions — digital mailrooms, scanning and digitization solutions, and outbound print and mail services — to completely leverage the value of data and streamline procedures. Experts at EDM Americas can assist a company in achieving greater efficiency through digital transformation.