Edmentum- Acceleration for Every Student

EdTech is the future of learning; it is the point where education and technology intersect. As one of the most innovative EdTech companies, Edmentum is ushering in a new wave of development where students can embrace continuous learning, stay on track, and chart their own courses.

Edmentum stands out by fusing comprehensive research-based learning with the expertise of skilled educators. This unique approach results in learning technology solutions that not only enhance student outcomes but also provide significant support to educators by strengthening existing curricula.

Edmentum’s career-oriented learning solutions open the doors to the ever-evolving job market for students and equip them with the skills, education, and experience needed to thrive. With its career and technical learning (CTE) programs, Edmentum provides an immersive learning experience, preparing students for the workplace. Additionally, the company offers courses, intervention, and blended learning solutions in a single platform, making it easier for students to set and achieve graduation goals.

The EdTech landscape is marked by increasing competition. In addition to easing students’ pressure in such a fluctuating environment, Edmentum also prepares them to face and excel in this competitive landscape by offering a dual diploma that includes an American diploma alongside a national diploma through its in-house, fully accredited online academy.

Edmentum is committed to ensuring continuous and impactful learning by providing students with an adaptive and immersive environment. The company equips district schools with virtual learning, promoting scalable, student-centered, and pedagogical virtual learning. Edmentum also designs programs that include K–12 curricula, assessments, and instructional services, driving academic growth and test readiness and increasing graduation success rates at every learning institution.

At Edmentum, we believe that every student deserves an environment and opportunity to succeed. Thus, we go beyond delivering advanced learning technologies; we predict challenges, address them, and achieve learning goals for students. — Jamie Candee, CEO

What makes Edmentum one of the leading EdTech companies is its digital curricula that empower students from grade six until graduation to unleash their full potential and reach their goals through flexible, personalized, first-time credit and expanded course access. Additionally, by curating diagnostic-driven learning mediums and implementing engaging, powerful teaching tools, educators can scale math, reading, and language arts interventions.

Edmentum fosters virtual learning through its virtual, human-oriented instruction that pairs leading-edge K-12 learning technology with state-certified teachers to create sustainable district-wide courses that allow all students to learn at their own pace. Furthermore, this best-in-class K-12 state-standards-aligned curriculum designs mock tests and assessments to advance grade-level math, science, ELA, and social studies proficiency.

Edmentum also has its own fully accredited, private online school for grades 6-12 called Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS). ALVS makes learning more impactful and allows families to ensure students can control when, how, and where to learn. The EdTech company also aligns its assessments and curriculum with UK English, math, and science educational materials, enabling educators to help students aged 4-12 build confidence and learn critical skills.

In a study conducted to assess the impact of Apex Learning ACT Tutorials on student learning, it was found that Apex Learning Tutorials made a significant positive impact on student learning performance in posttests across English, reading, and math. Per the results, student achievement improved drastically by 62% from pretest to posttest following the implementation of ACT Tutorials. Moreover, the gain from pretest to posttest was equivalent to 32 percentile points for tutorials combined.

These results serve as a testament to the effectiveness of Edmentum’s solutions and its mission to provide innovative learning solutions. On a quest to digitally transform the EdTech landscape, Edmentum designs curricula that cater to program needs, instructional goals, and student goals. As the EdTech market constantly changes, Edmentum customizes its courses to incorporate the latest programs, technologies, and solutions.