Effectory – Listen. Learn. Lead.

Organizations have to not just retain loyal customers, but also retain loyal employees. Engaged employees provide better customer service and are more productive. But how to meet this challenge? One way is by listening to them and acting on their feedback, and in the process creating transparent and data-driven people policies that improve the employee experience.

Effectory is the leading provider of Employee Listening solutions in Europe. It enables firms to collect data direct from their people that can be used to improve the employee experience, and business and operational strategies. Organizations can use Effectory’s employee listening platform to run diagnostics on significant business issues and themes, obtaining feedback from their workforce that offers them a comprehensive perspective, as well as ideas and concerns provided through qualitative survey techniques.

Effectory empowers organization to incorporate employee feedback into their operational decision making processes, a process which has been shown to increase engagement and retention.

For over 25 years, Effectory has been a leader in employee surveys and engagement analysis. Since its inception, Effectory has been tightly associated with the world of HR; it is dedicated to giving HR the tools and insights it needs in the modern world, especially as HR becomes a more strategically-minded part of business. All the experiences and expertise gained over the past two decades are baked into the platform. This isn’t just a standard digital solution provider created out of thin air. From the beginning, it has been committed to being dependable HR partner for organizations around the world.

Due to Effectory being based in Europe, it fully complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the result being that the Effectory platform meets the highest privacy legislation standards. And its survey question sets are not only scientifically validated, but also acceptable to the EU’s legislative framework.

Now more than ever, HR is becoming more integrated into corporate initiatives. Unlike in the past where they would only be involved at key events, such as contract renewal and contract termination, HR is evolving into a team that is not only consulted at critical junctures but is also integrally involved in the overall development of the employee experience. To succeed in this, they need continuous access to a workforce’s ideas and sentiments.

This is why Effectory has evolved into a platform that enables continuous and active listening. While traditionally, surveys were big projects conducted once a year these days HR (and individual team managers) can conduct shorter employee surveys frequently. It’s all about asking the right employees the right questions at the right time.

Those seeking HR technology are looking for solutions that can assist them in meeting and overcoming some of the major difficulties confronting HR and business today, such as the great resignation, diversity and inclusion, skills, teamwork, issues surrounding (re)organization, and so on. Effectory enables organizations to conduct diagnostics on where they presently stand. Feedback is presented via an accessible results dashboard that allows them to examine their position regarding these subjects, which can then be drawn upon to effectively inform their future strategies.

“Whenever we work to expand upon or fine-tune our platform, we think in terms of people, process, and technology. We always start with thinking about people because our core mission is to improve the working lives of millions of people, and in the process increase retention, wellbeing, and engagement. Process is about how to embed feedback into company culture, so that leadership can make informed, data-driven decisions … And, finally, we place all these into our technology, which is designed to make improving the working lives of people and making feedback a core part of company culture as easy and intuitive as possible.” says Christian de Waard, Commercial Director at Effectory.

Employees collectively and intimately see, hear, and feel every aspect of their company’s operations. Meanwhile, they are on the frontline of customer service, and often can intuit inventive methods and creative solutions for overcoming operation issues. Effectory assists organizations in engaging with and tapping into their workers’ thoughts, ideas, and feedback. And it doesn’t end there. It enables businesses to use feedback to achieve strategic goals, motivate change, and have an effect at the individual, team, and corporate levels. Effectory helps organizations unlock the power of their people in order to drive success and meet their goals.