Electric Power Systems – Energy Solutions Revolutionized

One of the leading battery technology solution providing companies, Electric Power Systems, aims to create safe and certifiable energy storage systems for electrified aviation. Various industry sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, marine, and defense, require energy storage systems, fast-charging stations, and electric-driven products for efficiency and productivity. Electric Power Systems develops fast-charging energy storage products for its clients to make their experience smoother and positive.

Launched in 2016, the company has already established itself as a top battery solution provider that offers batteries and their different components to companies to help them conduct their businesses safely and effectively. Electric Power Systems’ products include building blocks with different voltages and ampere-hour modules. The modules can provide long-lasting and fast-charging solutions for fixed-wing, eVTOL, or hybrid airplane platforms depending on their power, energy, and voltage requirements. The company’s products weigh less, as their packaging mass is less than 20% of the total kWh/kg. They upgrade every couple of years to the latest technology without changing the size, form, and fit and provide modules for a swift transition that do not require replacing the aircraft installation layout. Electric Power System’s modular concepts do not involve complex data, and high voltage connects with minimal mass loss.

Multiple challenges affect the battery tech space. Electric Power Systems’ mission is to curb those challenges by providing the highest kWh per kilogram that involves the latest cell technology, which upgrades to new and superior models every two to three years. EP Systems conducts thorough testing and extensive monitoring during the production and preparation to ensure seamless transitions and optimum performance.

Our experiences have given us a broad perspective on the electric evolution in aviation. All-electric aircraft need high-density energy storage. By harnessing advances in battery power and material technology, our unique battery management system provides an elevated solution: certifiable = safe, universal, uncompromising, the best value, upgradeable, proven cost savings, and enables secondary life,” said Nathan Millecam, CEO of Electric Power Systems.

EP Systems provides three types of solutions to its clients so they can enjoy clean and reliable energy. The mid-point discussion box provides safety in cases of high voltage or current. Turning its switch cuts off half of the battery from the supply, removing any physical entrance for the current to pass through the system. Its optional locking feature provides system access to verified and qualified users. The box’s switches cut off the electric supply, providing protection in case of electric fires and power drains, preventing thefts, and saving power during maintenance. Electric Power Systems’ also provides scalable, application-agnostic batteries and can offer power and energy to modules of various applications. The company’s battery management system handles, monitors, detects, identifies, and fixes communication to provide maximum satisfaction and optimal system performance.

The single, double, and triple string battery management units and a functional processor, software control, and communications system make Electric Power Systems’ batteries safe in case of high voltages. With its foundational operation on NASA’s X57, Electric Power System has made its mark in the battery tech space for every electric and hybrid-electric aircraft operation. The company has provided its products for cargo drones, underwater submarines without an on-board crew, and seaplanes, and its applications reduced the overall costs by 46%.

The Utah-based company has spent the past five years creating and developing innovative, new, unique, and safe battery technology and applications. As its next step, the company plans to build an industrial base to expand the local economy and promote high-technology products. After setting itself apart in the field of battery tech and becoming a leading name in the electrified aeronautics space, Electrical Power Systems’ vision now has a new addition: expanding and growing a battery-operated industry in Utah, US.

Description: ​​EPS reduces the cost and emissions of aircraft by providing batteries and battery chargers to replace fossil fuel engine