EMEET – Collaboration For Creation

In today’s digital era, video conferencing eliminates geographical boundaries by connecting users globally virtually without physically convening in a single location. Video conferencing allows businesses to expand domestically and worldwide through meetings, online business deals, and virtual interviews, making video conferences a clutch, especially in the post-pandemic world. As one of the fastest-growing video conferencing companies, EMEET increases the scope of collaboration by removing physical barriers.

EMEET brings a unique and innovative approach to virtual connections by allowing creators to build a collaborative and interactive workspace remotely. The company is dedicated to transforming the video conferencing space by creating compelling solutions and designing and incorporating innovative and world-class technology.

Various trends affect the video conferencing sphere, such as high demand, artificial intelligence, and security and privacy concerns. With its customer-centric approach, EMEET combats these challenges by prioritizing user needs, following market feedback, and constantly developing and upgrading its solutions.

Users often report poor video and audio quality, lack of communication, and technical difficulties while using video conference platforms. EMEET solves this problem by enabling interactions with languages not limited to speaking ones. The EMEET Meeting Capsule Pro, the company’s next-generation video conferencing camera, paves the way for natural video call interactions.

The EMEET Meeting Capsule is a revolutionary technology featuring a 360-degree lens that captures everyone in the room. Eight omnidirectional microphones surround the lens to enhance verbal and audio communication. Furthermore, the 10W speaker adopts EMEET’s patented suspended cavity technology to reduce vibration noise. To allow for more organic communication, the camera has a speaker tracker that identifies the active speaker and displays them on the screen during their speech, similar to face-to-face interactions.

We believe that by using technology to improve communication and collaboration, we can help to create a more connected and productive global community.” – Wyman Chen, CEO.

EMEET believes in continuous innovation to reform the audio and video landscape through the power of intelligent technology and customized solutions for customers across the globe. The company designs and delivers various technologies, such as a self-developed DSP algorithm VoiceIA, WoHospeech intelligent audio processing technology, and video algorithms built inside all the latest products to transform communication and build a more secure world with smart technology.

With almost a decade of expertise and a team of trained and experienced professionals, EMEET has cracked the code of a more accessible and unified digital world. Every EMEET member is an audio and video expert, some with over three decades of experience. The company leverages the expertise and skills of its members to develop and provide new technologies and products. EMEET has invested in building laboratories for its research and development team that constantly innovates, discovers, and designs new algorithms and tools. Moreover, the organization collaborates with top universities to continue opening the doors to a more enhanced audio and video landscape.

EMEET’s mission to universally build a sound video conferencing environment while catering to the individual needs of users is what sets it apart. EMEET’s customer-first approach ensures optimal customer satisfaction and a growing dedication to innovating and incorporating best-in-class technology.

The digital era continues progressing, and EMEET is meeting its strides. The video conferencing solutions leader has global expansion on its agenda. EMEET plans to diversify its product catalog, expand its audience base, and produce even more unique audio and video solutions to meet the growing demand and stay on par with evolving trends. EMEET also plans to establish its footprint overseas and open its services to international markets.