Enduvo – Experience How Learning Should Be

Most institutional training is out of sync with learner expectations, including corporate training of employees. Workers and students who grew up in the digital age want on-demand, engaging, microlearning content that can give them agency over their experience. Enduvo provides this control to all its users and offers them the ability to create and consume virtual reality content without special technical skills. Learning organizations are given the ability to generate, maintain and distribute content using their existing teams of producers, instructional designers, illustrators, and subject matter specialists.

Enduvo is working with the United States Air Force, specifically Air Education Training Command (AETC), through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Enduvo is used not just by the military and the government but also by the healthcare, industrial, and education sectors to save development costs, shorten delivery times, and increase the effectiveness of their material.

Enduvo empowers its users to create and share meaningful experiences that can help enrich and improve people’s lives. Its intuitive, immersive content platform improves people’s ability to interact, collaborate, and share information. Enduvo provides a platform that allows almost anybody to swiftly develop, publish, or consume rich, interactive, virtual experiences, both within a VR headset and interactively on a desktop or laptop.

“Our team is passionate about using technology to empower people to share their knowledge to help others unlock their full potential. We’re continually innovating and working in close partnership with our customers to build a robust platform that meets users’ needs now and into the future,” says Steve Garrou, CEO of Enduvo.

The Enduvo platform is designed for simplicity of use, portability, and interoperability. It is built in a way that is device agnostic. Enduvo is currently integrating complementary modeling, simulation, artificial intelligence, and learning management system capabilities with other vendors.

It doesn’t consider itself a stand-alone solution provider but one that meets specific Extended Reality (XR) needs, especially at the early stages of the training cycle. Enduvo envisions its customers connected to related platforms seamlessly during the creation, sharing, learning, and reporting phases.

Enduvo was started in a small lab by Dr. Matt Bramlet. He designed it to enhance pre-surgical planning for severe congenital heart disease. It soon became the go-to resource for clinical teams and family communication by merging surgical expertise with surgical anatomy.

While Enduvo is still utilized for that purpose today, its utility continues to expand outside the healthcare sector. It supports its vision of enabling anyone to share their expertise through immersive VR experiences with anyone willing to learn. This is one thing that makes it stand out as a top AR/VR enterprise in 2022.

The current Enduvo product on the market is Enduvo 1.9. Still, the development of Enduvo 2.0 is underway, making creating and sharing content even more accessible and faster. The company will provide users early access to Enduvo 2.0 this summer. Enduvo 2.0 incorporates upgrades to Enduvo’s VR and desktop interactive capabilities and functionalities, as well as a more intuitive interface and workflow.

So far, Enduvo has focused on its work for the US Air Force and select early customers. But as it expands outside the USAF, it is well-poised to incorporate the evolving demands and suggestions of enterprise training firms and learning departments. Enduvo will give them the most immersive creative toolset possible.

It wants to address similar corporate concerns it has already handled in the USAF, such as equipment and machinery operations, maintenance training, security and safety training, and medical procedure training.

Enduvo believes that the future is immersive, and it is eager to collaborate and innovate with many new customers in the future!