Epicurean Group – Food Service Management Business

The foodservice industry is a significant contributor to the American economy. Foodservice managers help organize resources, promote health and safety compliance, and perform administrative activities on a daily basis.

Epicurean Group is a contract food service management company based in Northern California, committed to providing environmentally-friendly dining experiences. Epicurean Group offers exceptional catering services for selective clientele and specializes in fine arts eating, corporate and college restaurants, and innovative community meals.

The vision and mission of the Epicurean group are to promote outstanding cuisine and state-of-the-art food service, in order to transform people’s dining experience. The Epicurean Group’s motto is simple and pretty straightforward. The Silicon Valley company believes in serving “fresh, local, and honest” food. It has strict compliance criteria in place that enable it to meet the specific requirements for serving its consumers with a true “Epicurean Group” spirit.

Co-founders of the organization, Rey Hernandez, Mary Clark Bartlett, Marvin Rodriguez, said: “For nearly two decades we have been customizing programs to meet consumers’ preferences and attain the highest levels of satisfaction, whether at work, in education, or in senior living communities. Our clients have a very clear choice in the market today—to hire a global behemoth and be just another number in a big machine or to engage with a company like Epicurean Group, where each and every single one of our clients matters. It’s personal for us. We might be small, but we have a big bite!”

The food industry is slowly transitioning into more health consciousness. Consumers are demanding fresh-from-farm organic goods. Epicurean is ensuring that consumer demands are met.

But how does it manage to get hold of only the highest quality ingredients? Epicurean has established direct ties with local farmers and suppliers, which allow it to source fresh and organic veggies and other ingredients to produce fresh and nutritious meals. Epicurean’s dining solutions ensure the avoidance of high-sodium, high-fat, high-sugar, frozen, and processed foods. Its seasonal menus comprise only the highest-quality meats, dairy, seafood, and fresh produce.

True transparency is what earned Epicurean the trust of its diverse range of corporate, educational, and community-based clients. The organization boasts to have no hidden fees and no hidden overhead costs. That also has helped the food start-up to establish long-term relationships with its customers, who prefer value-added service above all.

Epicurean adds an edge to its services by offering a unique dining solution based on each of its client’s company culture and staff preferences. This tailor-made service orientation has enabled the organization to achieve operational excellence, which in turn has concreted its market presence as a leading foodservice management company in California.

Clear communication and constant support are two pillars that are responsible for the sustainable growth of FSM organizations and the Epicurean group understands that. Apart from serving fresh. honest. local and nutritious food along with an unrivaled dining experience, Epicurean Group is greatly driven by values that pay the utmost attention to ensuring excellent quality, while practicing integrity. Assisting guests in making informed food choices has also helped Epicurean to emerge as a market leader.

Epicurean Group has been included in the “Top 50 Food Management Companies in the United States” for the 9th year in a row! It is Green Business Certified, which means Epicurean Group’s activities meet a stringent set of criteria that ensures long-term viability. Such continuity of performance deserves special recognition. What makes it even more lucrative is that it ensures the delivery of organic and fresh food to consumers’ plates directly from local farmers and producers. The food industry was never destined to be a boring one, and Epicurean is redefining the sector day-in and day-out.