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The Equinix Global Tech Trends Survey underscores the urgency felt by digital leaders, with 58% identifying the sluggish pace of digital transformation as a significant threat to business success. Businesses grappling with the complexities of managing on-premises data centers and connectivity realize the limitations of this approach in optimizing and scaling workloads effectively. Recognizing the imperative for a distributed architecture, combining public cloud, hybrid deployments, and edge architectures among others, Equinix emerges as a frontrunner in navigating these challenges.

Equinix collaborates with industry leader Dell Technologies to drive innovation and digital transformation, delivering faster outcomes. Together, they introduce next-generation deployment models for seamless transitions to distributed IT infrastructures. These models streamline design, reduce expenses, and accelerate deployment, offering unparalleled flexibility through offerings like the Dell APEX portfolio and Equinix Metal®. Leveraging their partnership, businesses optimize performance and mitigate risk. Equinix’s extensive partner ecosystem further accelerates digital transformation.

Enterprises, facing challenges in managing data centers and connectivity, find a solution in Equinix and Dell Technologies’ partnership, leveraging strategic solutions to ensure flexibility, agility, and scale while maintaining top-tier security. Leveraging Equinix’s expertise and Dell Technologies’ infrastructure, businesses transition seamlessly to distributed IT infrastructures, optimizing performance and control. The partnership introduces transformative deployment models, empowering alignment with enterprises’ needs.

Through offerings like Dell APEX portfolio and Equinix Metal, enterprises access scalable, consumption-based models for storage, protection, and cloud solutions. Equinix and Dell Technologies collaborate to create customized architectures, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability. Committed to sustainability, they deliver solutions that maximize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and drive future growth, empowering enterprises to navigate digital transformation with confidence.

Leading Equinix’s evolution, we prioritize innovation and strategic growth, ensuring we’re at the forefront of digital transformation, AI integration, and sustainable data center solutions. — Charles Meyers, President & CEO

Today’s digital leaders are increasingly turning to OPEX-based as-a-service solutions to manage the growing volumes of data at the edge. Equinix, with Dell Technologies, offers Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers as a strategic option for customers acquiring Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services. This collaboration enables enterprises to build and interconnect foundational digital infrastructure, leveraging its strengths and the dynamic multi-cloud ecosystem on Platform Equinix®. The aim is to expand the availability of this service across its global platform, providing maximum choice, mobility, cost efficiency, and performance advantages for customers worldwide.

Equinix seamlessly integrates the Dell Technologies APEX Console on its global platform, allowing organizations to deploy and scale APEX Data Storage Services across hybrid multi-cloud architectures with ease. With such hybrid infrastructure solutions, joint customers gain agility in addressing fluctuating IT and storage requirements while maintaining consistent control and protection of their data, all while effectively managing costs. Leveraging Equinix’s robust ecosystem of over 2,900 cloud and IT service providers worldwide, customers can access a cost-effective, usage-based cloud consumption model through high-speed, low-latency connections.

The partnership between Dell Technologies and Equinix accelerates digital transformation by simplifying the deployment of as-a-service resources where they deliver the most value. Organizations adopt cloud deployment models and managed data center services to optimize IT resources and enhance digital acceleration, thus reducing administrative burdens and enabling a focus on innovation.

Equinix offers a global platform that enables businesses to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone, and integrate everything, with over 240 locations worldwide. Its commitment to clean and renewable energy aligns with its goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2030. Secure multi-cloud capabilities, simplified pricing, and dependable partnerships ensure a seamless experience for customers. Equinix’s expertise in data center operations best practices ensures mission-critical business resiliency and risk avoidance throughout the infrastructure lifecycle.

Looking ahead, Equinix continues to deliver enterprises a pathway to accelerate their digital transformation journey while ensuring long-term success in a rapidly changing digital landscape.