Evolving Solutions – Enterprise Technology & Hybrid Cloud Solution Provider

In the dynamic landscape that characterizes business today, companies must stay on top of the game and adapt quickly to changing needs and requirements. Within this dynamic, IT providers must step up and deliver more value to their users. For companies to make the most of its technological investments, IT providers must take a holistic approach to their services.

“Today’s business landscape is ever-changing and driving a need for companies to transform in order to adapt more quickly. This is pushing IT organizations to focus on how to deliver more value to end users and get the most out of their technology investments. At Evolving Solutions, we believe these… interconnected technology investments will fuel technology innovation, drive business effectiveness, and enable your teams to maximize business value in 2022 and beyond,” said Bo Gebbie, president, Evolving Solutions.

Evolving Solutions builds a strategy for each client after examining the goals and objectives of the organization to come up with the most flexible, secure, and suitable solution. With a seasoned staff that has broad expertise in WAN, campus networking, application and Cloud infrastructures, containers, virtualization, identity management, and security, Evolving Solutions is the perfect partner.

Their core principles of simplifying technology, creating enduring relationships and delivering the best work results influence the journey Evolving Solutions embarks on with clients and drives the highest quality of results and services.

A culture of dedication and commitment marks a recent interaction between a global logistics company and Evolving Solutions shared. With an aim to protect the company’s assets with east-to-west segmentation in their data centers, Evolving Solutions roped in certified subject matter experts to oversee Cisco ACI optimizations along with Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW). Evolving Solutions seamlessly inserted segmentation into the data center environments by leveraging the existing network and security technology.

As a result, the company could protect more assets and drive cost efficiencies using existing technology investments, all the while ensuring that the business did not take a hit. They also gained better solutions to monitor future threats.

This is the enthusiasm and professionalism that Evolving Solutions brings to the table each time. Their Modern Networking practice offers clients dynamic and flexible network solutions that support and advance an enterprise’s business transformation.

“The Evolving Solutions team focuses on securely connecting people or endpoints to applications instead of connecting network to network,” said Tony Peters, director, Modern Networking Practice. “Our approach drives agile and scalable solutions that fuels an organization’s growth.”

Agility within an organization’s network results from collaboration with the DevOps team and Cloud peers to unlock the power of modern APIs in SDN networks. After achieving flexibility through the best practices, Evolving Solutions supports networking that fits a cloud-connected world. This network is multi-cloud enabled, software-denied, automated, and API-driven. Secure from end to end with consistent policies, adequate access controls, constant monitoring, and other numerous techniques, the safety of the user’s assets is guaranteed.

Evolving Solutions views the Cloud is not a place. Cloud is a set of disciplines™. This approach has led them to believe that the new world of technology is driven by a hybrid multi-cloud approach that allows users to connect to and access an application instantly from anywhere. Regardless of the application’s underlying resources, the user experience is seamless.

By approaching Hybrid Cloud as a set of unique disciplines, Evolving Solutions helps organizations develop an agile and stable network ready to address their business needs. The company has adopted cloud disciplines to provide the adaptability, resilience, and flexibility required for businesses to survive, compete, and grow in an unpredictable world.