Experity – Urgent Care EMR Software, Practice Management & RCM Solutions

As the leading software and services provider for on-demand care in the US, Experity has set out to transform the healthcare landscape. The healthcare industry requires urgent care solutions that speed up patients’ treatment and diagnosis time and provide healthcare providers with accurate results. Experity’s tools enable the effective delivery of urgent care and create an independent operating system with a patient-centric approach that works per the changing times and evolving technologies, keeping the needs of patients and healthcare organizations at the forefront.

Healthcare providers need on-demand solutions that facilitate urgent care, primary care, and occupational medical services. Experity’s teleradiology services meet the demands of the healthcare industry by providing 24-hour assistance, such as X-ray interpretation and overread services that support the delivery of speedy care and treatment to patients, effectively and conveniently, boosting patient satisfaction and better healthcare outcomes. Experity’s services speed up STAT reads from twenty-four hours to under two hours with an accuracy rate of 99%.

The onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic added a new complicated dynamic to urgent care visits. Because patients were hesitant to visit clinics during the pandemic reducing the need for X-rays, many healthcare providers halted their X-ray services. The reduced demand for X-rays and fewer patient visits led to clinics avoiding having a full-time radiologist on board. However, with urgent care operations resuming and reverting to their pre-pandemic state, the shortage of radiology techs are affecting the patient experience and healthcare providers. Experity’s teleradiology services assist healthcare providers by providing radiologists and overread services as an extension of their clinic.

The Machesney Park, Illinois-based company’s Teleradiology solutions deliver 99% accurate results to ensure effective treatment and seamless patient journey. Using accurate data, radiologists provide patients with better and faster care, which improves customer satisfaction, and gives healthcare providers the confidence to display their diagnoses.

With Experity, providers can best meet the demands of the evolving on-demand space and deliver high-quality, high-velocity care by streamlining operations, improving patient experiences, and optimizing revenue,” said Dr Ron Boucher, Chief Medical Officer, Experity Teleradiology.

This teleradiology solution integrates seamlessly with the company’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) software to improve efficiency. The EMR/PM’s pre-built and complaint-driven software simplify charting and allow healthcare providers to document 90% of the most urgent care visits in less than 60 seconds. In addition to time-saving charting, EMR/PM provides a faster workflow by delivering real-time updates across multiple platforms that decrease friction and allow health providers to treat more patients.

With its patient-focused approach, Experity offers an integrated operating system comprised of software and services for on-demand healthcare in the US, such as electronic medical records, practice management, patient engagement, billing, teleradiology, business intelligence, and consulting solutions. Experity recognizes that patients have individual needs, requirements, and health journeys. Its digitally integrated and customizable services make the patient experience more convenient and personalized.

Experity believes in making the healthcare landscape more accessible to patients. Patients require quick, efficient, and accessible high-quality healthcare services for a convenient lifestyle. Experity’s urgent care and on-demand-driven processes deliver advanced technology and solutions to providers to understand and meet their patients’ needs. Teleradiology enables providers to obtain X-ray results quickly and accurately, saving patients and healthcare organizations time and resources.

Experity’s operating system is the only software designed specifically for urgent and on-demand care. It simplifies complex and large systems, improves healthcare strategies and operations, upgrades to evolving industry demands, and assists its customers in meeting patient needs and expectations.