Faction Inc – Multi-Cloud Management Platform

In an age of data-driven business transformation, organizations are undergoing a paradigm shift in their operations, decision-making processes, and value-creation strategies. Advanced public cloud services such as AI/ML, big data, and analytics play a pivotal role in driving this transformation, offering organizations the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their data. However, amidst the excitement surrounding these cutting-edge technologies, fundamental questions about data storage and accessibility often go overlooked.

Faction firmly believes that organizations embracing modern data architectures to harness the unique offerings of public cloud services gain a competitive edge by accelerating and enriching their data-driven insights. Recognizing this imperative, Faction, a leading Dell Technologies partner, stands at the forefront of this endeavor, offering patented multi-cloud solutions that unlock the full value of enterprises’ most strategic asset—data.

Faction’s multi-cloud data services with Dell Technologies’ robust storage portfolio offer bespoke solutions to optimize data management while ensuring maximum security. This collaboration empowers businesses to develop resilient multi-cloud strategies for the future and enhance data security and governance. Businesses can harness the full potential of their data through scenarios such as data center-centric approaches, hybrid enterprises, and multi-cloud deployments. It allows seamless connectivity to leading cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, directly to a Dell storage appliance.

As organizations prioritize data-driven transformation, Faction’s Cloud Control Volume® Services become indispensable. With a data-first architecture, we empower seamless integration across multiple cloud environments, revolutionizing data management and value extraction. — Derek Pilling, CEO

Transforming data strategy with Faction’s industry-leading architecture and enterprise-grade technology involves a seamless process. Data is initially transferred from customer premises to a Faction location via VPN, SD-Wan, or Private Line. Data is accessible by multiple clouds simultaneously via Faction’s patented layer 2 technology, delivering low latency and high throughput connectivity. This unique service allows for services and applications from all hyperscale cloud providers to be used for accessing and processing the data at the same time, enabling businesses to migrate, access, protect, and scale their data effectively.

Faction, in partnership with Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, delivers robust protection for critical data against cyber threats. Their secure data vaulting service, interconnected with the multi-cloud via Faction’s Internetwork eXchange (FIX) networking fabric, ensures a strong defense mechanism against ransomware attacks by isolating vital data from potential breaches.

At the core of Faction’s Cyber Recovery solution lies comprehensive data isolation and governance. This approach ensures the separation of critical data from corporate and backup networks, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Controlled airgaps and immutable data copies further bolster data integrity and resilience against cyber threats, with optional CyberSense analytics enhancing security through intelligent threat detection capabilities.

Extending protection to multi-cloud environments, Faction consolidates operations across various cloud providers, streamlining workflows and reducing operational costs. Organizations benefit from zero-dollar egress costs when using Faction’s Cyber Recovery solution with Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, alleviating the financial burden of data recovery processes.

Facilitating recovery operations, Faction allows organizations to create independent clean room environments for seamless recovery to on-premises environments or any public cloud provider. Moreover, Faction ensures secure cyber vaulting for on-premises data, offering seamless replication from PowerProtect DD or DDVE to a separate vault, complete with managed airgaps. For organizations utilizing virtual Data Domain (DDVE) in the public cloud, Faction extends protection by replicating critical data to the secure vault in Faction Cloud, enhancing data resilience and security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Technical details include a dedicated PowerProtect system serving as the replication target for primary systems. Additionally, Faction provides compute resources running on dedicated hardware, empowering organizations to install and run Cyber Recovery management tools and optional CyberSense analytics tools. With regional availability across multiple locations, Faction ensures accessibility and reliability for organizations worldwide.

In addition to Cyber Recovery, Faction collaborates with Superna Eyeglass to offer disaster recovery solutions. By integrating with PowerScale, Faction facilitates efficient data replication and management for disaster recovery, ensuring comprehensive workflows for on-premises workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Faction’s data protection solutions, powered by its Cloud Control Volume®, ensure robust safeguarding of both on-premises and cloud workloads while optimizing storage costs through advanced deduplication and centralized management. Deduplication ratios of up to 65x provide significant cost savings compared to other platforms, streamlining operations and reducing data costs. This centralized approach enables organizations to consolidate data protection for all clouds, backing up data from various providers to a single destination. Moreover, Faction’s architecture helps organizations avoid vendor lock-in by keeping data adjacent to the cloud, mitigating risks associated with egress costs, migration, and dependency on specific vendors.

Faction’s Cloud Control Volume® revolutionizes data storage by offering durable, scalable solutions that transcend traditional limitations. With real-time data-sharing capabilities across applications and clouds, Faction enables innovation and flexibility while optimizing performance and costs. Leveraging ultra-low-latency connections and flexible performance tiering options, organizations can tailor their storage solutions to match their specific needs, eliminating data silos and reducing complexity. Persistent and durable data storage ensures unparalleled scalability and performance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

For secondary copies in the cloud, Faction provides options for protecting data in private clouds, offering dedicated or multi-tenant Data Domain replication offsite. Transitioning to multi-cloud access is seamless, with low-latency connections and zero egress costs for Azure, all within a unified repository. Moreover, it enables expanded data protection capabilities through public cloud recovery, facilitating on-demand or in-place recovery into the public cloud with instant multi-cloud access and a flexible pay-as-you-go model.

Faction also offers Cloud Tiering for long-term data retention, enabling organizations to achieve up to a 70% reduction in costs by tiering off infrequently accessed data to object storage. This solution seamlessly integrates with Faction’s Data Protection for Multi-Cloud offering, aligning storage performance and cost-effectiveness with business requirements and access frequency.

Faction’s VMware Private Cloud solution provides organizations with a hosted private cloud powered by VMware, delivering the same management, control, and governance capabilities as VMware on-premises environments. This custom-designed private cloud solution enables organizations to seamlessly extend or migrate on-premises environments to Faction’s hosted private cloud, leveraging familiar VMware SDDC architecture and administrative tools. With Faction’s VMware Private Cloud, organizations benefit from enhanced workload performance, scalability, and automation capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency across their cloud environments.

With Faction, organizations can embark on a journey of digital transformation with the assurance of robust data protection, scalable storage solutions, and unparalleled support, propelling them toward success in an increasingly data-centric world.