Fidelis Cybersecurity: Extended Threat Detection and Response

Cyber Security That You Can Trust

Fundamentally, our society is even more reliant on technological systems, than ever before and this trend is only set to increase multifold. Fuelled by global connectivity and the dependence on cloud storage services, the cybersecurity risk is soaring rapidly. Generic firewall systems, and antivirus software, are no longer enough to protect large companies from the threat of data breaches, and corporate espionage.

High-profile, security infringement incidents can cause irreversible damage to the reputation of the companies involved. No matter the size of the business, cybersecurity has become an aspect that cannot be dismissed. Fidelis Cybersecurity is one of the world’s fastest-growing cybersecurity solution providers, and it fervently strives to provide secure cyber environments. 

Founded almost two decades ago, Fidelis Cybersecurity is guided by a skillful team of cyberwarriors, who can detect and respond to advanced cyber threats, at record speeds. A globally-renowned platform, Fidelis Cybersecurity not only innovates tools to help businesses conquer their cyber battles but also uses these state-of-the-art tools on behalf of their clients to detect threats, root them out, and protect confidential data.

Trusted by the Global 1000s and Governments alike, Fidelis Security offers automated detection, and response facilities. These include, network analysis, threat detection, integrated endpoint detection, and decoy capabilities. The reputed company serves military, and commercial enterprises such as IBM, on a global scale. 

The CEO, and President of Fidelis Cybersecurity, Anup Ghosh, is recognized for his prior expertise in curating and managing a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity programs for a multitude of intelligence companies, and the US Department of Defence. 

With his determined and captivating demeanor, he works towards the exceptional vision that he has for the company. As candidly quoted by him, My vision is to establish Fidelis as the go-to partner for high fidelity adversarial detection and response solutions in the Global 2000 and Government segments.”

The company’s resolve is rooted in a strong mission statement – outperform, outmaneuver, and outfight. The three ‘Os’ of the company’s mission are further elaborated, as follows:

  • Outperform: Fidelis recognizes that every extra second lost to make decisions, is only an added opportunity for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data, and disrupt vital operations. To overcome this obstacle, the company integrates, orchestrates, and automates correlated data across networks and cloud systems, to help clients make faster and more accurate judgments. 
  • Outmaneuver: With the help of their top-notch facilities such as  decoy and deception solutions, Fidelis slows down ongoing cyber attacks. Giving companies more time to root out these malicious criminals, before irreversible harm can be done. By increasing the risk that attackers face, Fidelis tips the scales to give companies the upper-hand.
  • Outfight: Fidelis Cybersecurity’s advanced tools help companies stay a step ahead of malicious cybercriminals. Its exceptional cybersecurity products provide critical insights on attacker TTPs (Tactics, techniques, and procedures). Fidelis provides an all-encompassing package of tools, metadata, and analytics to meticulously detect and hunt for unknown threats. 

Many organizations lack an all-round cyber terrain visibility, giving their cyber adversaries a chance to lurk around undetected. Which means these malicious criminals could potentially disrupt critical company operations, by stealing sensitive data. 

Fidelis helps companies gain a decisive advantage through greater visibility across even the deepest layers of the cyber environment, to scale detection accuracy.

Fidelis Cybersecurity systems use metadata to facilitate the real-time monitoring of data assets across a multitude of attributes, to build a strong foundation of detection capabilities. The company leverages more than twenty detection tools, as opposed to the specific detection techniques used by other security systems in the market. These include sandboxing, endpoint terrains, metadata analytics, and much more. A more refined threat detection process across the entire network makes it extremely hard for cybercriminals to attack.  

Fidelis solutions are offered as standalone products, a 24×7 managed detection and response service, or as an integrated platform that enhances conventional security operations and response capabilities. Their clients have access to a range of exemplary products and services, such as: 

  • Fidelis Elevate XDR
  • Fidelis Network
  • Fidelis Endpoint
  • Fidelis Deception
  • Fidelis Decryption

The Fidelis Elevate XDR platform performs real-time and retrospective analysis on rich metadata and content, enabling security teams to effectively detect threats in their cyber environment. This exceptional Fidelis solution integrates bi-directional network traffic across the cloud and internal networks, with the web, endpoint detection, and automated deception technology.

Elevate XDR, increases the accuracy of alerts, and gives companies holistic visibility and control of their cyber environment. This solution leverages machine-learning, to consistently derive indicators of advanced cyber threats and potential attacks, so that companies are well prepared in advance to proactively address the gaps in their systems.

By seamlessly integrating the various aspects of cybersecurity, into a unified detection and response solution, Fidelis Elevate enables companies to neutralize and analyze threats faster, and make confident, accurate decisions that affect enterprise security. This stellar solution gives Fidelis Cybersecurity an edge over its competitors. 

The Fidelis Network prevents data espionage and detects threats, with its network detection and response systems. With this solution, companies can automatically profile and classify data, tag content, and keep track of traffic anomalies to help prevent the loss of data. The solution also facilitates the mapping of cyber terrains. 

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) software stresses the need for continuous, real-time monitoring, to counter unknown threats that evade traditional security measures. With the help of heuristics, EDR technology identifies suspicious activities, and stops potential threats, in its tracks. 

To address this growing need, Fidelis Endpoint was conceptualized. It provides real-time, in-depth visibility into all endpoint activity, to simplify threat hunting. It blocks potential threats through preferred AV engines, and automates response with pre-built playbooks. When integrated with Fidelis Network, known vulnerabilities such as CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and KB (Knowledge Base) links and security hygiene for patches, are correlated with a software asset inventory, to provide an all-powerful cybersecurity solution. 

Fidelis Deception offers a low-risk and high-fidelity cyber alarm system, with utilitarian data that helps expose cyber attackers in a matter of minutes. As its name suggests, it creates an authentic and veiled deception layer, to dynamically change the outcome for cybercriminals. This effective, adaptable solution, reduces cyber dwell time, by employing decoys to alter the perception of the target surface. 

This solution helps companies identify blind spots and potential attack paths so that they can work towards securing their systems and networks. The defenders can effortlessly create automated and interactive OS decoys or emulations, to neutralize cyber threats. 

While data encryption was conceptualized as a means to provide privacy, it has several downfalls such as the creation of blind spots, which leaves networks open to attacks by malware and other malicious acts. Cyber attackers use these encrypted channels to cleverly counter security defences. 

Fidelis TLS Decryption offers MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) Decryption technology, to decrypt crucial SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) traffic, and expose potential threats. The decryption solution also has features such as cipher support, flexible deployment, and comprehensive protocols which help companies identify threats in their encrypted cyber traffic, and respond to the breach, with great speeds. 

The four standalone cybersecurity solutions, offered by Fidelis integrate seamlessly with the premier Fidelis Elevate platform. By understanding and analyzing attacker movements and processes, Fidelis Cybersecurity has helped several industries and large corporations anticipate cyber threats and gain a holistic view of the cyber environment. For most corporations that use Fidelis Elevate, the key highlight has been the effortless ease with which the platform brought network and endpoint solutions together. 

Fidelis Cybersecurity’s exemplary tools encourage intensive digital forensics and speed up initial responses in areas with constrained resources with its portable platform, Fidelis Scout 2. A portable mirror of Elevate XDR, Fidelis Scout 2 is essentially a VM (Virtual Machine), that enables data analysis to begin, within a few hours. 

The portable, next-generation platform is fully equipped with virtual software, and customized detection policies that help incident responders quickly remediate security breaches and protect sensitive information from being lost.  Fidelis Scout 2 accelerates risk assessment and provides visibility into the deepest crevices of the network, rapidly. 

The Fidelis team of cyber warriors play many roles when it comes to curbing cyber threats. They are responders, analysts, and threat hunters, who build premier cybersecurity solutions, and highly secure digital environments. The team has been called to lead various response programs, after the occurrence of some of the largest breach incidents. Fidelis’s vehement efforts have undeniably made the arena of cybersecurity grateful.

With its innovative, ground-breaking, and comprehensive solutions, Fidelis Cybersecurity has established its presence in the world. It is a company that applies integrity and determination to everything that it does, which is a reflection of its seamless solutions and functions. 

Its powerful solutions, to thwart cyber adversaries have helped the company build a rapport with customers, and establish its presence globally. Fidelis indubitably conquers cyber crimes in the present and works to prevent those of the future, with a modern mindset bolstered with state-of-the-art futuristic technologies.