Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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RPA, Bringing People Together

On the face of it, RPA is a simple technology, but it currently serves an important purpose. Linking systems and data together, to complete manual processes in the Enterprise is a pretty valuable skill. You may think this is enough on its own but I’m not sure this is where

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The Bermuda Triangle: poor financial knowledge

The good news first: Germans are putting their money away for a rainy day again. While they saved EUR 9 on average out of EUR 100 in 2013, it was already EUR 9.70 in 2016 with a continuing upward trend, as the Federal Statistical Office’s calculations for the first quarter

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What is Artificial Intelligence in FinTech

As artificial intelligence (AI) starts to enter the financial technology (fintech) sector, there is a lot of buzz and excitement around what it could mean for the future. Artificial intelligence is the next frontier in fintech, and it is changing the way we do banking. Imagine a financial world where

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Is fintech-banks convergence inevitable?

Fintech: Born to Challenge The very beginning of the fintech movement can be traced to 2008 financial crisis and later attempts for the reinvention of financial services by leveraging digital technologies. Since its inception fintech was challenging the status quo of the financial industry. It used to promise (and still

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