Fischer Identity – A Zero Trust Identity Platform to Secure Your Organization

It is a noted pattern that the pioneer companies who laid the foundation often become desolate when new energy and ideas fill the industry. Fortunately, this is not the case in the digital identity management world. Fischer Identity has been in the game since the late 1970s and continues to take the world by storm, courtesy of the innovative services they offer.

Displaying a strong affinity for innovation, Addison Fischer created his first tech startup in 1973, which later developed the IBM mainframe security software. Throughout the 80s and 90s, the name Fischer dominated the communications and security software market until the establishment of Fischer International Identity LLC, which focused on cloud computing and cloud-based security.

When it comes to identity services, Fischer Identity is a well-known name in the industry. Making way for personalized solutions that help significant cost savings in association with cloud computing, Fischer Identity guarantees affordable and scalable identity solutions. “Organizations should examine the options to select which solution best suits their needs and budgetary commitment, examining the security and usability requirements of their constituents,” suggests Dan Dagnall, CEO of Fischer Identity.

Offering multi-tenant, sole-tenant, and hybrid platforms, small and medium-sized businesses get the opportunity to choose and consume identity services without the unpredictable and unsurmountable costs that often accompany them. A business only needs to license the modules that it requires to ensure secure and smooth running. Fischer’s IaaS also makes sure that the patrons receive proper assistance when needed. The service is equipped with the best-of-breed identity team that takes on the day-to-day support as well as alters the solution when you need or desire changes, along with resources to augment your team.

The value of Fischer Identity’s customer-oriented service can be seen in their enduring collaborations. Being the first entity to move their identity solution entirely to the cloud by 2011, the customers who availed of them then, such as Coppin State University, Davey Resource Group, and Vitas Healthcare, are still working with Fischer Identity.

Identity services have found success in a wide selection of industries. Higher education is a field that makes use of identity solutions on a massive scale. Starting with the admissions process by capturing potential students through their enrollment process, identity services help in managing the user lifecycle, operating affiliations, communicating in a federated network, and providing students with secure and responsive access.

Similarly, Fischer Identity supports healthcare infrastructure by securing private medical information. Fischer Identity Solutions and its Zero Trust Platform are required to meet the compliance guidelines. Transactional integrity guarantees immediate access and workforce mobility to ensure the best patient care.

Even though there is no lack of options to choose from, many businesses find it difficult to manage their identity solutions due to the shortage of trained personnel or lack of resources. Fischer Identity seeks to aid such organizations as well. With the Managed Identity Services, maintaining a Fischer Identity solution no longer takes a toll on any business. The consumable, predictable, and affordable multi-tiered model helps the clients meet all the required identity and security standards of the market.

Dan Dagnall reports, “We’ve done this in a way to help grow your program capacity, agility, and domain knowledge and with economies of scale model delivered to right-size the investment, the planning and timing of growing your most sensitive and important asset, which is your Identity program.” Fischer Identity’s goal can be broken down into simple terms: handle the day-to-day upkeep of powerful identity programs so that clients stay secure while they focus on growing their business.