Fivetran- Automated Data Movement Platform

The world is increasingly becoming data-driven. While data has always been a fundamental part of companies, the need for better, quicker, and more efficient data management is more critical than ever. Understanding the value of data in unlocking potential and unprecedented possibilities, Fivetran has become a leading data analytics company, leveraging the vast potential of data analytics to help customers build a data-centric infrastructure.

Fivetran helps enterprises navigate the data landscape by combining data with technology to optimize operations and drive innovation. The company empowers businesses to transform raw data into actionable insights by powering all operations, from AI and ML tools to predictive analytics and streamlined workloads. Fivetran has adopted a customer-centric and collaborative approach, partnering with leading industry leaders, such as Amazon Web Services, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, to centralize data from various SaaS applications and database into any on-premises, cloud, or hybrid cloud environment.

As a global frontrunner in the data movement, Fivetran equips clients with a unified and comprehensive data movement platform that seamlessly moves data from, into, and across cloud data mediums. Manually acquiring, processing, and moving data is time- and resource-consuming—Fivetran’s platform automates the time-consuming ELT processes, allowing data engineers to utilize resources and focus on high-priority projects effectively.

This all-in-one platform by Fivetran accommodates all data-related processes, including movement, transformations, security, governance, and platform and extensibility. It connects data sources and transfers data to target destinations using over 500 pre-built, no-code source connectors. The application also comprises automated scheme drift handling, updates, and data normalization and allows performant change and data capture for efficient and low-impact data movement.

With its end-to-end automation platform, Fivetran meets users’ automation, reliability, and scalability needs. Its fully managed architecture allows companies to choose the cloud service provider and region to experience fully automated data movement. Furthermore, it transfers control into the users’ hands, allowing them to monitor and control data movement from on-premises to the cloud, ensuring secure database replication.

Fivetran’s data movement platform centralizes data, modernizes infrastructure, and democratizes data, achieving self-service analytics by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks while maintaining compliance. This self-hosted application prevents data from leaving secure environments by integrating with the VPC or on-premises, ensuring data movement complies with regulatory requirements. Moreover, it ingests and transfers the most valuable data from the most popular SaaS applications. It also moves critical and heavy workloads from on-premises and cloud databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Fivetran provides leading-edge, fully-managed automated services. Instead of providing the tools to solve data-related problems, we solve them for our clients. — George Fraser, CEO

With over a decade of experience in helping companies move their data securely and quickly, Fivetran has cemented itself as a reliable and trusted data analytics leader. One of its clients, a global innovative fashion company that reduces clothing waste, wanted to improve its data platform to meet the company’s exponential growth. As a startup, the company spent most of its resources and time maintaining pipelines and ensuring its legacy platform ran smoothly. However, the fragmented nature of data and its slow functioning limited operational efficiency, leading to incorrect inventory management and challenges in scaling personalized campaigns and communications.

The fashion company implemented Fivetran’s innovative solutions, allowing engineers and analysts to leverage the data more effectively using a new, user-friendly interface. By incorporating the Fivetran platform with Databricks and data validation tools, the company’s team could track the data flow and create new tables, allowing engineers to spend less time on manual tasks and prioritize building faster and more robust data models.

Fivetran’s platform also equipped the client with a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer patterns and gave the company the agility to collect and centralize data. As a result, the client increased the efficiency of code released by a factor of ten, opened real-time access to data, and reduced pipeline management issues by 87%.