Foresite Cybersecurity – Streamline Your Compliance & Cybersecurity Journey

Almost every firm must comply with various industry regulations. Some firms are required to operate under multiple of these. Meanwhile, maintaining consumer trust is also critical. Foresite Cybersecurity specializes in making even the most complex compliance challenges simple to comprehend. Businesses can now streamline their compliance and cybersecurity journey with the help of Foresite.

Foresite Cybersecurity is revolutionizing the way enterprises approach compliance with ProVision, Foresite’s proprietary platform. ProVision is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that uses algorithms based on CISO logic in order to enable customers to automate and simplify the compliance process.

The compliance industry is now experiencing developments that emphasize automation and using technology to help improve the compliance process.

Foresite is addressing this trend with Foresite Integrated Risk Management (FIRM), a SaaS-based tool that links with the ProVision OpenXDR platform to provide a 360-degree view of risk, compliance, and security operations. FIRM uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to examine an organization’s policies, procedures, and technology against the control mappings of over 260 compliance standards.

Organizations may complete the compliance process in days, not months, with FIRM. By offering a consolidated platform for all security and compliance needs, FIRM minimizes the time and expense of becoming compliant.

The FIRM solution also includes packaged consultation hours, allowing businesses to hire an expert to help them with the compliance process at a low cost. Customers are guided through policy, practice, and technology by Foresite Cybersecurity’s team of experienced compliance consultants, who advise them on how to quickly decrease risk and close compliance gaps.

Foresite Cybersecurity recognizes the necessity and complexity of security and compliance.

“Our strategy is to help organizations understand where they are in their risk and compliance journey and then help implement a strong security plan that reduces risk, operationalizes their security tools, and helps the security team do their job more effectively,” says Matt Gyde – Chairman and CEO.

There is no other cybersecurity company that exists in the market today that combines the capabilities of automated compliance with an OpenXDR platform to give a continuous and comprehensive picture of an organization’s security and compliance needs in a simple and seamless manner.

Foresite Cybersecurity ensures to keep improving its OpenXDR platform by integrating different technologies from across the security stack – SIEM, EDR, NDR, cloud, and SOAR – to provide a single, comprehensive picture of threats, allowing its clients to identify, analyze, and respond to threats quicker.

Today, Foresite Cybersecurity stands proud to handle over 400 data sources, and it plans to continue expanding that list in order to strengthen its compliance and security operations solutions.

Its strategy is to align its clients with a GRC framework and to continually assess their security posture in order to provide them with a real-time risk and maturity score based on their GRC framework of choice. Foresite is continually analyzing and enhancing its data sets in order to give its clients the information they need to make informed security decisions.

The same team that was responsible for creating and executing the Big Data Platform utilized for Cyber Security operations by the Joint Military Forces and numerous entities within the Department of Defense is the team that is also constructing Foresite Cybersecurity’s platform and driving its strategies.

Foresite Cybersecurity aspires to continue to innovate and create the best-in-class solutions in order to provide mid-market customers with military-grade/enterprise-level compliance and security operations at the most reasonable costs and with the simplest installations. Foresite Cybersecurity promises to take care of all the heavy lifting so its clients don’t have to.