Fortanix – Security, wherever your data is…

Data lies at the core of every industry. Regardless of their businesses, every organization relies on smooth data management. Fortanix secures data. As a leading Intel partner, it assists companies of all sizes in strengthening their data security solutions on every platform—on-premises, the cloud, or hybrid. Aiming to reform the data landscape, Fortanix equips its clients with innovative data protection solutions.

Organizations worldwide face universal data-related challenges, especially companies in the healthcare, FinTech, financial services, government, and retail sectors. Fortanix allows them to obtain, harness, and execute data safely by implementing data security and privacy measures.

Regulatory compliance is another crucial factor that firms must follow. With this in mind, Fortanix ensures its solutions meet various regulatory policies, including GDPR, ARPA Prudential Standards CPS 234, SCHREMS II, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and the Philippines Data Privacy Act. It strategizes depending on the use case, such as Google External Key Manager, secure virtualization, HSM as a Service, Multi-cloud data security, database encryption, and tokenization.

Since every industry has its own requirements and needs, Fortanix designs customizable solutions catered to each sector’s needs. Healthcare providers hold vast datasets, such as medical information and patient data, which is susceptible to cyber threats, malware, and data breaches. Fortanix strengthens the healthcare industry’s database by enabling secure migration to the cloud with a single cloud-ready solution for encryption. Encrypted on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid servers allow customers to manage consistent data while migrating applications to any cloud network.

Fortanix also applies tokenization to achieve HIPAA and other regulatory compliance by substituting electronically protected health information (ePHI) and non-public personal information (NPPI) with a tokenized value. Additionally, Fortanix’s role-based access control enables users to monitor various activities, such as administration, authentication, and key operations.

A true disruptor is not just novel but solves a problem in a cost-effective way to attract a large volume of customers willing to pay for it,” said Anand Kashyap, CEO of Fortanix.

The banking and financial sector relies on data to offer personalized services, improve performance, reduce operational costs, retain staff, and enhance customer experience. Fortanix empowers the banking industry with data protection services to help organizations combat cyber risks, meet regulatory compliance, accelerate digital reformation, and ensure a positive customer journey. The Intel partner guarantees data security for all banking IT infrastructures with complete visibility and data control.

Furthermore, Fortanix provides privacy by design. Its built-in privacy capabilities, such as confidential computation, data masking, and tokenization, reduce cyber threats and improve compliance. Fortanix offers solid, scalable architecture solutions by providing a fully API-powered infrastructure that supports an integrated ecosystem and connects to other applications, cloud technologies, and modern DevOps tools.

The Mountain View-based company aims to reform data security for the FinTech industry by challenging traditional data protection methods. With its Intel SGX-based encryption capability, Fortanix offers hardware-supported memory encryption. The Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) isolates specific application codes and data to enable complete control and protection. Fortanix’s multi-cloud platform replaces the outdated KMS tools, allowing users to scale their operations using a SaaS secure PKI system.

Fortanix’s key management for HD wallets stores private and transaction keys using API calls or DSM UI. It monitors every access through authentication, authorization, and detailed audit logs. Finally, Fortanix’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) provides an integrated and secure FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM that protects keys and tokens across multiple public, private, and hybrid cloud networks.

Fortanix’s solutions have helped clients worldwide, including a global FinTech leader that manages online payment systems. The client wanted to migrate from data centers to the cloud to improve data security and prevent data breaches. Fortanix provided them with comprehensive protection with its Integrated Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) platform. This platform offered integrated HSM, key management, encryption, shared secrets, and tokenization features, allowing the FinTech leader to perform various use cases on a single system.

With the help of DSaaS, the FinTech company lowered the TCO and tightened data and workload security. Additionally, the organization could operate sensitive applications in any environment by effectively scaling and clustering between global sites, accelerating operational development.