GDIT – Evolve Youy World

Indeed, there is an abundance of innovative technology solutions in the market today. However, not every provider can keep up with diverse demands from various industries of different sizes. General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) is a tech solutions provider that exceeds industry standards when it comes to service and innovation.

Boasting a portfolio that comprises the most complex government, defence, and intelligence projects, GDIT brings the necessary expertise to understand and advance critical projects. With the promise to invest, transform, integrate, and innovate technological solutions, GDIT gets the job done.

Amy Gilliland, President of GDIT, has taken the enterprise on a growth journey focused on in-demand technology market areas such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, cloud and cybersecurity. Through this undertaking, Gilliland brings innovative commercial technology to government missions through a diverse network of partners. “We are there. On the ground, beside our clients, in the lab, and everywhere in between,” she comments. Perhaps it is her time with the U.S. Navy that makes her a formidable leader who fostered an employee-focused culture that delivers mission-critical solutions with speed and accountability. In addition to the accelerated innovation plans that GDIT has in place, sustainability is a goal that the company tries to achieve in all their projects.

With key partners such as Atlassian, IBM, McAfee, and Alfresco, GDIT makes sure that the clients receive only the best services. The company does not believe in selling third-party products but rather working with partners to deliver customized solutions that match the exact needs of a mission.

In an attempt to deliver services that are highly specialized and successful, GDIT pioneers the idea of collaborating with small and medium-sized businesses. The significant growth that GDIT has seen in recent years can be attributed to its strong commitment to ethical standards and practices in business. “We believe the success of our company and society as a whole depends on encouraging the growth of entrepreneurship, regardless of race, gender, or abilities. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our workforce to our communities and partners,” reports Amy Gilliland.

One of the most recent and incredible solutions provided by GDIT is the Weather and Climate Operational Supercomputing System (WCOSS) 2. This new twin supercomputer powers the weather forecast for the NOAA weather forecast models. With climate change concerns mounting every day, this solution guarantees higher fidelity and greater accuracy in the weather monitoring data.

Another highly notable innovation made by GDIT is an AI tool that accelerates skin cancer detection in veterans. Since skin cancer is seen in one out of five American citizens, early detection and diagnosis are critical. Together with the Department of Veterans Affairs, GDIT designed a tool that uses deep learning artificial intelligence to classify skin lesions. This skin lesion classifier tool can potentially save millions from the condition with only the help of a Primary Care Provider.

Focusing on GDIT’s IT capabilities, the company seeks to constantly evolve to overcome changing demands and missions in the field. Modernization of legacy IT environments and deploying the next-generation digital ecosystems is a goal that GDIT aims for. Innovations like automating routine processes and incorporating managed and shared services increase cost savings and efficiency, transforming IT enterprises to enjoy better benefits.

GDIT’s portfolio is not only a testament to its ability to undertake crucial projects but rather proof of the expertise that the company possesses. Built on unique perspectives cultivated from past experiences, GDIT ensures that the clients receive powerful solutions that are sound enough to solve tomorrow’s problems as well.