General Mills North America Foodservice – Do More With Less

Managing a food service company is a consuming task. Balancing consumer demands, inventory, and staffing while ensuring profitable results can be challenging. As one of the most innovative food service management companies, General Mills Inc. empowers food service providers with efficient, effective, and consistent solutions to help them run their businesses comfortably and achieve their desired sales goals through creative menu ideas, innovative recipes, and the best industry practices.

General Mills North America Foodservice extends its services nationally by providing the food loved by people away from home in settings such as K-12 schools, bakeries, pizzerias, hospitals, and restaurants. The company also delivers its products and solutions to convenience stores, lodgings, vending and micro marts, and college campuses across the United States.

Foodservice businesses rely on quality products to ensure consumer satisfaction and positive results. The better the quality, the higher the chances of building customer loyalty and trust. General Mills partners with brands that are household names in the US. By working with brands such as Big G Cereals, Yoplait, Nature Valley, Gold Medal, Pillsbury, Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardetto’s, and Annie’s, General Mills allows companies to serve their customers economically and sustainably.

Gluten-free food items are in high demand. General Mills helps food service providers deliver their consumers the best and tastiest gluten-free items, from cereals and snacks to vegetables and yogurts. General Mills’ extensive selection of delicious gluten-free items is available in various packages: bars, bowlpak, box, bulk, canned, cup, frozen, fruit snacks, and portable. The company also offers gluten-free foods such as meat and salty snacks, single-serve, wellness bars, and specialty flour.

The first thing and most important thing for us is, with so much swirling around, making sure we keep our eye clearly focused on consumers. — Jeffrey L. Harmening, Chairman and CEO of General Mills Inc.

General Mills equips bakeries with best-in-class bakery products, such as biscuits, brownies, and cookie mixes. Combined with cinnamon rolls and pie crusts, General Mills stacks bakeries and other baked goods providers with delicious, reliable, and mouth-watering items that will impress and satisfy consumers.

The North America-based company has a wide selection of bakery product types, such as bread, cakes, cinnamon rolls and twirls, croissants, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, and Danishes. General Mills’ catalog also includes frozen dough and batter, pre-baked dough, scones, strudels, turnovers, and puff pastry and pie dough.

Biscuits are an integral and highly demanded part of General Mills’ bakery list. The reason behind the popularity of General Mills’ biscuits is the variety of formats that food service operators need, and consumers want, such as Southern Style, classic Buttermilk, Butter Tastin’, or Savory Garlic Cheddar flavors made using frozen dough or pre-baked dough.

General Mills is a trusted supplier of delicious and nutritious cereal items that consumers want to start their day with. The company does not believe in using artificial sources, flavors, or colors to enhance the taste or appearance of its products. It uses whole grain and organic ingredients in all cereals. Available in seven formats, General Mills provides cereals in bars, bowlpak, boxes, bulk, cups, portable containers, or single serve.

Flour is used to make almost all food items, making it a crucial ingredient. General Mills produces flour catered to the requirements and specifications of individual food service operators, meaning the company’s catalog comprises flour for rising cakes, keeping cookies soft, and making bread with the right texture. Depending on the needs of its clients and the expectation of consumers, General Mills offers all-purpose flour, durum and semolina, hard spring and winter wheat flour, organic flour, soft wheat flour, whole-wheat flour, and specialty flour.

Everyone snacks. Snacking keeps consumers busy and satisfied whether shopping, working, or sitting idle. General Mills provides snack bars, fruit snacks, portable snacks, salty and soft baked snacks, meat snacks, and wellness bars that solve all snack cravings.

As a leading food service management company, General Mills services spread across the United States, equipping and empowering foodservice operators with organic, delicious, healthy, and nutritious food items to increase sales, meet their demands, and keep consumers happy.