Gig Talent- Expert Talent Exceptional Work

On a global scale, there have been major shifts in technology, organizational priorities and the way work is done. With business models evolving into a more collaborative workforce, ensuring that organizations have the right leaders and people on their teams is critical for successful strategic execution to occur. For organizations looking to create an impactful and long-lasting competitive advantage, this requires getting clear about structures and processes while making a pivot toward thinking differently about talent and work altogether.

Gig Talent has made this happen by simply breaking away from the traditional work model of full-time employees and instead guiding organizations to leverage highly skilled gig talent for interim and project-based needs.  

They help institutions navigate through the complexities of enabling the right personnel for their operations. Their services offer Human Resource development, Coaching, Strategy, and Operational talent solutions that focalize the deep potential that exists in the Gig Economy.

Through Gig Talent’s highly curated solutions, organizations have access to a larger and more diverse talent pool equipped with the optimal resources with ease.

Gig Talent is focused on helping organizations look at their talent differently and further conceptualize innovative ways to get work done. Gig Talent has proven itself a key partner in helping companies identify specific projects which require the engagement of external consultants to augment their workforce.

Gig Talent reinforces a community structure by promoting connectivity between consultants and clients. Besides handling the marketing and business development, they also take care of administrative burdens by working with clients and prospects to manage bills and contracts. This allows their consultants to focus on the work they love and their clients to keep meeting their business objectives.

Their long line of experience in the field of Human Resources has given them a head start over the competition. Their success stories range from start-ups to global corporations, with satisfied customers at every end. An in-depth understanding of the rapidly evolving needs of the market has allowed them to finesse their technique of bringing together the right people at the right time. The Gig Talent collective balances technology with the human touch to ensure optimal success without leaving room for error.

Flexibility and efficiency are the tenets of the modern independent workforce. The team at Gig Talent ensures that you have all the right tools to facilitate team alignment and personal and professional self-development. It also helps institutions to find the right kind of trainers to centralize key concepts such as diversity and inclusive leadership.

“In many ways, we’re just getting started!” says Hema Crockett, co-founder of Gig Talent. “Our plan is to keep growing our amazing Gig Talent Collective and providing our clients with excellent elastic talent resources to help them in creating world-class organizations,” she explained in our interview to take a further look at the future prospects of Gig Talent.

The Gig Talent network was masterminded by Hema Crockett and Jamie Jacobs. The duo has built a well-deserved reputation for creating and developing high-impact human resources teams that drive business results. They have recently released the book, ‘Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures: How to develop companies where employees thrive’ as an everyday practical guide for leaders and HR teams alike. They have been rapidly spreading their operations across the whole of the United States and bringing in international collaborators, while also growing their community of clients and consultants.