Global Touch- Unleash your partner ecosystem success

Businesses today operate within a completely new environment than they did just one year ago. The competition for market share, talent, new product consumption models, and next-generation customer experience is reshaping every business.  The quest for disruptive innovation is the only constant to not only survive but also thrive in the “next normal” of business.

Global Touch is an award-winning technology consulting group that helps its clients stay ahead of rapidly changing market dynamics by embracing next-generation success with their partners that resell, add value to IT companies’ products, wrap services around these products, and help customers achieve business outcomes.  With Global Touch’s global knowledge poured into data-driven metrics and wrapped in storytelling, Global Touch guides its clients and their partners to sustainable success.

Conceptualized 30 years ago, the globally renowned company has made a significant mark in its niche. It has dealt with diverse clients around the world in different stages of market development, industries, products, services. and go-to-market. 

Its “secret sauce” is helping them achieve sustainable success through partnerships and valuable insights to create predictable and repeatable revenue and growth.  Global Touch embodies the path to innovation and it strives for excellence through world-class customer experiences and success measured by achieving outcomes through anticipated and unforeseen roads to success.

The company’s motto, ‘Partner Profitability is your Profitability’ is reflected in its mission to ensure the success of its clients and their partners and extended community, as their success is Global Touch’s success.

With an accomplished team of more than a thousand interdisciplinary experts and perfectly mapped plans for business growth, Global Touch takes any business a step ahead of its competitors. Its approach is driven by skilled, knowledgeable professionals with extensive field experience that are hungry to reinvent success and bring disruptive innovation to its own business, as well as its clients.

Global Touch’s CEO, Denise Sangster, believes its clients must invest in the moment, and take well-informed risks for sustainable growth.  “We help our clients tackle their most ambitious sales goals through partners and build new capabilities to go beyond the expected,” says Sangster.  “This approach provides faster realization on return of investment, an increase in cash flow for our clients’ businesses, and better partner investments.  For many of our clients, we have helped them grow twenty percent within one year through our methodology that embraces next-generation metrics and a data-driven approach.”  Sangster also believes “we are in a new business cycle where consumption models will continue to change and create new market leaders.  The winner will not only stay ahead of these dynamics, but set the pace by leveraging them to create continuous lifecycle engagement through their partners.” 

Owing to these and many other innovative techniques and tools available to clients, as well as consistent results, Global Touch has been named the Best Strategy Technology Consulting Group 2020 by the New World Report. It has also been recognized as The Best Practice Operator USA in 2020 by the ACQ 5 Country Awards. Sangster is also amongst the award-winning, influential women of 2020 and 2021. 

One of Global Touch’s latest innovations are its calculators to help clients with partner profitability, as well readiness for the digital consumption economy.  “Many IT companies believe they are best of class in their strategies, investments and programs, when in reality, they are continuing to use what worked fifteen years ago and has less and less positive impact today.” 

While what worked in the past may seem like a good bet today, Sangster believes future market leaders are being created today through a combination of great products, next-generation partner programs, and lifecycle readiness.  “You can have the best product, but if partners are not investing in its success and customers are not able to tie product investments to their CEO’s corporate objectives, the results will be disappointing.”

The secret to the success of Global Touch is clearly stated in the company’s vision, which is to redefine whatever is possible along the way while shaping the future, and getting it done. This positive insight into the working metrics of the company accentuates the capabilities of partner ecosystems and helps them flourish beyond measure.