GlobalTranz – Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Logistics has been a booming industry in the past few decades. In such a flourishing industry, GlobalTranz has successfully climbed its way to the top logistics solutions providers in 2022. With values such as experience, capacity, and technology at its core, the company aims to deliver the future of freight through innovative technology and logistics solutions.

GlobalTranz provides shippers of all sizes with fast and reliable transportation services across all major freight modes. “Reliable capacity, expert support, and technology-driven agility are some of the ways our customers benefit from partnering with GlobalTranz,” describes Jacob Wheatley, Founder of GlobalTranz. The transportation network developed by GlobalTranz includes over 65 best-in-class LTL carriers and over 85,000 active truckload carriers. The idea here is to grow with the client’s changing business logistics in order to achieve a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving supply chain environment.

Founded in 2003, GlobalTranz has grown to become a leading, technology-enabled, full-service transportation and logistics provider. By providing dependable, multimodal transportation and logistics solutions to shippers of any size, GlobalTranz has stood out in a competitive marketplace and continues to be recognized as a market leader. In 2022 alone, the company was bestowed with numerous accolades in the industry. The 14th position on the list of largest logistics companies in North America and the 4th position on the list of best freight brokerage firms by Transport Topics 2022 is recognition enough.

GlobalTranz combines decades of logistics expertise with the power of innovative technology. This allows them to optimize the efficiency of freight movement and logistics solutions by connecting 25,000+ shippers with its network of more than 120 LTL and over 50,000 best-in-class truckload carriers. Despite facing a year of supply chain disruption, GlobalTranz’s logistics experts continued to provide technology-driven solutions. Shippers received much-needed support through the cloud-based GlobalTranz TMS for Shippers as they navigated the fluctuating markets and uncertain circumstances.

The personnel at GlobalTranz make data-driven decisions across the simplest to the most complex supply chains. The entire business model here is built on the fact that the logistics industry is driven by technology. When decades of experience are combined with the power of predictive analytics, shipper demand, and carrier capacity, customers can make better business decisions across their supply chains. From e-commerce shippers to multi-location enterprises, GlobalTranz provides business analytics and technology solutions that help any business grow.

The e-commerce Integration Solution offered by GlobalTranz is something that needs to be taken notice of. To simplify shipping and order management, the company partnered with Eniture Technology to provide its customers with access to quality LTL freight carriers for seamless online order fulfillment along with the most popular eCommerce shopping carts. Regardless of the shipment size, GlobalTranz provides a seamless online shopping experience. As a business engaged in e-commerce, a user can give their customers the option to choose the freight rates and transit times based on their needs. The user can also exert more control over the shipment by customizing the administrative rules.

Transportation Management is a process that is more than lining up carriers and tracking freight. It is a complicated process of building a lasting relationship, analyzing shipping data, and continuously improving the supply chain with custom solutions. For entrepreneurs that find this difficult, a shipping partner like Global Tranz is necessary to guide them. With industry-leading expertise, GlobalTranz’s team of seasoned logistics professionals presents an impressive array of data-driven technology and resources necessary to create an ideal managed transportation solution for all business needs.