GLS US – Parcel & Freight Delivery Services Throughout the West

As one of the fastest-growing shipping companies, GLS US believes in creating a seamless and comfortable shipping and delivery experience. In a world where almost all operations rely on shipments, GLS US provides a solid foundation and system to transform the shipping and delivery landscape. Taking parcel and freight deliveries up a notch, GLS US provides customized and optimal solutions to ship and deliver goods and products that cater to specific shipping requirements efficiently and conveniently.

A branch of the parent organization, GLS Group, GLS US simplifies the complexity of shipping parcels. Instead of companies dividing their time and resources between managing their operations and overseeing the shipping and delivery process, GLS US controls the bulk load of the entire procedure by handling the first, middle, and last-mile delivery.

Various trends affect the shipping industry, with growing recession concerns taking the top spot. Companies rely heavily on the transportation sector for shipping, and recession halts transportation services, hindering timely shipments and deliveries. Keeping recession concerns in mind, GLS US takes advantage of its size and regional experience to devise unique and innovative strategies that provide uninterrupted and safe shipping services, including parcel services, brokerage, LTL, and dedicated services.

Through its acquisitions, GLS has over thirty years of regional shipping and delivery expertise, giving GLS US’s team accurate data and unique insights into their customers’ needs, preferences, and patterns. GLS US’s direct-load line haul operations and advanced and upgraded technology enable the freight company to deliver transparency and efficiency by providing customers with regular updates, keeping shipments protected, and preventing them from getting lost or damaged.

GLS US develops products and services to give its clients a seamless and obstacle-free shipment experience. To provide faster parcel and freight delivery services throughout the Western USA, GLS loads around 90% of its linehaul schedule directly to the endpoint, which expedites transit, prevents damages, and avoids missing freight. GLS provides shipment services to over fifty locations across the western coast of the US, with next-day servicing and two-day delivery points.

GLS’s philosophy is to be local, flexible, and close to customers, with a strong focus on quality. We aim to protect our environment, respect differences between our employees, and provide them with safe jobs,” said Joe Bartone, Chief Operating Officer of GLS US.

Following a customer-centric approach, GLS believes in providing its clients with the best equipment and high-quality assistance that benefits their business and satisfies their customers. The freight and logistics group operates in forty countries, delivers approximately 870 million shipments annually, has a diligent team of freight specialists, and invests over $30 million in designing and providing its clients with upgraded and unique technological and infrastructural tools.

In addition to delivering high-quality support, GLS takes extra measures to ensure a healthy relationship with its clients and employees and creates environmentally friendly solutions, such as paperless bills and recyclable containers. The company plans the shortest and the most efficient shipment route that delivers shipments quickly and safely without exploiting environmental resources. It also actively promotes equality and educational campaigns.

The company has a global presence and focuses on letting US customers send parcels and freight across the country, Canada, and Europe, revolutionizing the shipping industry. GLS US constantly designs new and innovative technologies and tools with improved networks and upgraded security measures.