Graylight Imaging – Medical Imaging Software

Medicine and healthcare have come a long way. However, despite technological advancements, the healthcare sector constantly requires new solutions to adapt to the evolving changes and patient demands. As every industry takes a digital turn, the need for virtual solutions has increased. Graylight Imaging factors in the present and future healthcare scenario to deliver software services for enhanced medical imaging.

Graylight Imaging takes a patient-centric approach and designs innovative software solutions that replace outdated medical imaging techniques by extracting insights and value from them. Graylight Imaging believes in making radiology facilities more accessible to patients. It combines radiology with telemedicine to devise customized services that automate segmentation and annotation.

Whether independent practitioners or hospitals and clinics, healthcare providers face various challenges in the present landscape. Factors such as workforce shortage, changing patient expectations, and lack of resources and expertise make consultations and treatments difficult to navigate. Graylight Imaging’s medical imaging tool offers solutions for these challenges by delivering image enhancement and 3D modeling, deep analysis and radiomics, simulation modeling, visualization, and rapid image sharing.

Artificial Intelligence has become an irreplaceable component of all virtual activities. Graylight Imaging deploys deep learning AI models alongside advanced state-of-the-art technology to improve performance, accelerate operations, and meet customer needs.

We wanted the brand to refer directly to our scope, a technology dedicated to medical imaging analysis. We also wanted it to tell a story – to be not just a fancy composition of designers, but to live a narrative – and a narrative about our passion and commitment to medical software,” said Szymon Janota, CEO of Graylight Imaging.

Founded in 2021, Graylight Imaging has earned its position as one of the industry’s leading names. The teleradiology solution provider delivers custom breakthrough technologies for better accessibility and performance. The company improves patient diagnoses and treatment using Radiomics.

Radiomics is a method that extracts quantitative insights from medical images that the naked eye cannot catch. With its radiomics technology, Graylight Imaging creates new imaging biomarkers for precise and accurate pathology reports and makes additional information accessible.

Radiomics leverages AI-operated segmentation and analysis to minimize inter-observer variability. It expounds medical images to numbers, allowing clinicians to capture the lesions in various dimensions and understand their structural and textural properties. Radiomics’ data feature helps specialists generate accurate treatment plans by exposing hidden lesion patterns.

In addition to radiomics, Graylight Imaging’s MRI/CT segmentation development supports semi-automatic and automatic segmentation algorithms. It uses AI to customize automation segmentation and accelerate medical image processing. It implements advanced ML tools that provide accurate and quick results and organ contouring, which automatically outlines organs and structures within organs.

With its 3D modeling services, Graylight Imaging allows radiologists to convert CT, and MRI reports into 3D models for extra image dimension and patient-specific perception. 3D modeling fastens surgery planning and simulation, reinforces medical education and surgery training, improves implant design, and conducts medical imaging research.

Graylight Imaging’s data visualization solution assists radiologist specialists in exploring data and accessing the real value in medical images. Graylight Imaging’s data visualization technology is vital in clinical data investigation and research. It used AI-powered models to improve medical education and simplify complex areas such as anatomy, radiology, and surgery education.

With data visualization, Graylight Imaging equips healthcare providers with 3D and 4D models for recognizing and segmenting entire objects and their internal structures. This technique supports precise evaluation of the patient’s anatomy, reduces processing time, and enables better insight into challenging anatomical structures.

The Śląskie-based company provides its services to healthcare providers across the globe to enhance medical diagnoses and imaging. In one such case, Graylight Imaging wanted to quantify the characteristics of tumors and extract additional information to improve lung cancer evaluation and treatment.

Graylight Imaging conducted a study using radiomic features from images that correlated with the patient’s clinical framework. The study showed that textural parameters could predict the patient’s survival rate.