Greyline – Reimagining alternatives for the financial services industry

FinTech is a rapidly growing industry, whose aim is to accentuate and automate financial services or processes, including banking, insurance, cryptocurrency, and investments, to name a few. 

Greyline is a key player in the FinTech space, and its comprehensive suite of integrated, technology-enabled solutions offers a fresh, innovative perspective on the outsourced consulting model. 

It is the largest, private, partner-owned, and operated consultancy, in the FinTech space. Its innovative solutions inculcate high-quality technology that’s designed to solve the business, operational and regulatory needs of investment managers. 

The company’s client base includes a diverse spectrum, irrespective of size and strategy, and includes venture capital, real estate, private equity and credit, hedge funds, registered funds, and traditional investment advisers

Its impressive array of sophisticated, high-quality solutions encompass services that facilitate operations, compliance, finance, and accounting. These solutions are curated with a focus on powerful internal controls and well-constructed business practices that stimulate business growth and accountability. 

Greyline fosters an empowering environment for the global investment community with its dynamic, end-to-end risk, compliance, and governance consulting. “Our mission is to create a full-service consultancy that solves financial services firms’ global regulatory, operational and governance needs through dynamic, high-quality consulting and innovative technology,” says Matt Okolita, Managing Partner at Greyline. 

The company is guided by an accomplished management and senior-level team of professionals, including attorneys, former regulators, and in-house professionals, with extensive prior experience in consulting. 

Compliance can be quite complex, but this is where Greyline shines. It elevates the compliance process, making it more efficient, and easy to understand. It does so by offering expert, ongoing support and solutions that are uniquely tailored to fit specific business needs. 

Its portfolio of solutions includes – Ongoing Adviser Support Services, Investment Adviser Registration, Outsourced CCO Services, Regulatory Consulting Projects, Operations, Finance, and Management Consulting, Exempt Reporting Advisor Support Services, Outsourced Marketing Services, Broker Dealer Support Support Services, CFTC, and NFA Support Services, FCA and AIFMD Support Services. 

gVue is Greyline’s coherent solution that aids in managing and monitoring a firm’s compliance activities. The platform offers businesses visibility into their gift reporting, political contributions, outside business activities, and employees’ personal securities in publicly traded equities, private investments, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

gVue includes features such as automated pre-clearance, customizable requests, certification builder, business rules and reporting, personal trading, and deal monitoring. The platform’s centralized dashboard displays all outstanding tasks, brokerage accounts, and pending requests in a concise, organized manner. The dashboard’s user-friendly interface offers users convenience to meet their compliance obligations. 

In line with its mission, Greyline aspires to disrupt conventional service models, while being rooted in the pillars of business principles, and cultural values. It envisions strengthening its commitment to uncompromised pragmatism and quality, and embracing its role as a trusted partner, adviser, and advocate for its clients. 

In 2021, Greyline announced its expansion into the Canadian market and talked about plans to open local offices in the country, in the second half of the year. This decision directly reflects the company’s rapidly increasing non-U.S. clientele, and its desire to tap into a labor force that is both highly skilled, and complementary, to boost its value proposition.

“With the globalization of the investment industry, we feel that moves into other core markets enable us to diversify our expertise and better service our burgeoning client base,” stated Matt Okolita, in a press release. 

Greyline remains focused on developing the first and only tech-enabled consulting platform while continuing to proliferate a partner-led, consultant-driven service model. The FinTech company not only understands the importance of perspective and diversity in the workplace, but instills a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and respect, in the financial sector. 

With a continued investment in its staff, Greyline enhances and encourages professional development. It also gives back to the community, by promoting charitable, and socially responsible causes.

The effectiveness of its dynamic solutions in the risk, governance, and compliance consulting space, is and continues to be enhanced by Greyline’s disciplined approach to growing its team. Greyline continues to expand its footprints across the globe, with a seasoned team of professionals with synergistic skillsets, and its range of business verticals, an approach that helps it continue to thrive and make a powerful difference.