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There has been a momentous shift in the world since 2020. After two years of uncertainties and numerous changed goalposts, companies are finding their footing again. Even though communication and technology have always been indispensable components of every business, the need for better accessibility and enhanced communications is more than ever. GTT Communications, Inc. enables enterprises to regain speed by providing them with better communication solutions, advanced technology, and IoT services.

The telecommunications sector is facing various challenges when adapting to the new atmosphere. Security concerns, application inaccessibility, system overloads, outdated technology, and hybrid work modes—are some factors hindering telecom growth. GTT Communications is a global network provider that assists numerous national and international organizations in building a more robust connectivity and security service infrastructure.

GTT Communication’s innovative SD-WAN solutions lift digital businesses, accelerate global connectivity, and optimize SaaS-based applications and cloud systems. GTT’s customer-centric approach provides its clients with improved network performance and agility, regardless of geographical boundaries, application, enterprise, or industry. Its global Tier 1 internet network creates a comprehensive design of cloud networking and managed solutions by using the latest software and security tools.

Launched in 1998, GTT possesses decades of expertise and knowledge. The company provides technological experts who support thousands of businesses. GTT Communications ensures profitable results with its SD-WAN, WAN, internet, security, and voice services. Its personalized solutions and value deliver an optimum customer experience and operational accolades.

As a leading telecom solution provider, GTT Communications extends its services to various industries, including financial services, manufacturing, media and broadcast, and retail and eCommerce. In today’s digital age, scalability is essential for every organization.

In the telecommunications industry, we are all commoditized. Our products don’t differ from one another, so it’s all somewhat at parity. Where we feel we will differentiate ourselves is the level of our customer care,” said Ernie Ortega, CEO of GTT Communications, Inc.

With its wide area networking services, GTT provides advanced SD-WAN that controls and manages traffic to transform WAN. The MPLS solution optimizes performance and protection through end-to-end SLAs for high performance and network security for global operations. GTT’s VPLS tool extends the network across multiple locations and enables complete control over traffic routing.

GTT’s network uses diverse and non-redundant fiber paths between all PoP locations, building a resilient and reliable connection. MPLS traffic engineering chooses a direct and low-latency route to accelerate operations and deliver an exceptional end-user experience that automatically redirects traffic. Bandwidth restraints have always been a challenge to overcome for organizations. GTT’s flat-rate billing and burstable ports give diverse bandwidth options, such as an aggregate committed data rates plan that enables bandwidth sharing across ports.

In addition to wide area network, GTT Communications provides a secure network. Predicting security threats ahead of time allows companies to equip themselves with the best elimination tools. GTT offers protection through multi-layered security and detailed packages that build a secure infrastructure and combat identified and potential threats. With its team of four (SASE, DDoS Mitigation, Managed Firewall, and Managed Detection and Response), GTT ensures its clients conduct their operations safely.

Fast and interrupted internet speed has become a necessity. GTT’s AS3257, a top-ranked Tier 1 IP network, delivers the fastest and most reliable internet navigation. It provides organizations with the scalability and secure network connections required to maintain their global presence. With its IP network, GTT guarantees excellent performance. The company’s IP network transports over fourteen terabytes of traffic at any time.

As an industry leader, GTT Communications deploys and supports IPv6 networking. Its hundred percent native dual-stack network uses carrier-class routing and infrastructure to deliver line-rate IPv6 performance to all PoPs. It also ensures IPv6 functions seamlessly with IPv4 services without additional charges.

With over two decades of expertise, GTT understands the need for real-time monitoring. It allows organizations to track real-time data, view order status and billing, and monitor network status through its EtherVision portal.

The current telecom culture demands hybrid work modes. To build a sustainable hybrid system, organizations require high-quality cloud services backed by high bandwidth, low latency, and secure private networks. GTT’s hybrid cloud services support public and private clouds that provide integration across other clouds globally.

GTT’s Advanced Solutions portfolio also consists of advanced security that provides cloud and on-premises regulatory-compliant security and advanced services that manage professional services, such as networking, computing, and application infrastructure.

Companies require well-maintained tools, whether migrating to cloud-operated applications or connecting voice infrastructure over SIP. GTT’s Enterprise Voice services allow organizations to use the advanced functionality and cost-effective solutions driven by the globally operated GTT Tier 1 IP backbone that supports SIP-run voice networks. The SIP tool also offers SIP Trunking solutions that integrate diverse communications.

With its Professional Services, GTT Communications helps companies adapt to the rapidly evolving digital environment. GTT’s PRINCE2, ISO 20000:2011, and ITIL systems transform customer engagement and technical ownership. GTT provides technical and operational assistance using established governance guidelines and service management frameworks to create unique solutions.

Project management is one of the fundamental requirements of a steady system. GTT’s Project Manager successfully deploys solutions that simplify complex functions and help companies meet their business goals by identifying risks and enabling adaptability. GTT extends technical management support that provides consultation from the planning process to the execution stage.

With its service management solutions, GTT identifies areas that require improvement for optimized business results. It uses established governance principles to maximize performance and provide customized resources.

GTT’s Customer Incident Manager accelerates resolving incidents by managing critical implementation requests and recognizing and evaluating post-operational activities to avoid repeating the same errors. With its Program Management tool, GTT makes complex processes more comprehensible. It delivers governance and contract management services to reform operational changes that align with business goals and adapt to changing objectives and requirements.

GTT has worked with and assisted various companies and industries. One of its clients, Nilfisk, a professional cleaning equipment provider, wanted new technology to minimize in-house IT resources. Nilfisk wanted a single service provider that delivered flexible, scalable networks across global portals and managed security services for safe and protected data transmission.

To fix Nilfisk’s dilemma, GTT streamlined cloud-networking management and implemented multi-layered security. GTT’s SD-WAN also connected over 120 locations globally with MPLS and local internet access, including Nilfisk’s headquarters, regional offices, production sites, data centers, and sales offices.