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In 2022, few logistics solutions providers have been able to achieve what GXO Logistics Inc. has. GXO is a world leader in providing cutting-edge logistics solutions for multinational companies and blue-chip market leaders. With the ultimate vision of creating game-changing opportunities for the world’s best companies, GXO offers logistics at its full potential.

Focusing solely on moving goods through supply chains with critical efficiency and reliability, the logistics processes of GXO create faster, leaner, smarter supply chains tailored to the client’s specific needs. By engaging in extensive discussions with the customers, the brand aims to know their most complex requirements and biggest challenges.

Our decades of experience in B2B and B2C verticals and our significant investments in innovation have put us in a strong position to capitalize on the tailwinds in our industry,” says Malcolm Wilson, CEO of GXO Logistics. “These tailwinds include customer demand for advanced automation, the ongoing growth in ecommerce and the trend toward outsourcing supply chain services — all core competencies of GXO that set up our customers for success.”

GXO Logistics strongly abides by its core values in its business, which has led to its 4x better US warehouse safety record compared to the industry average. Safety is GXO’s top priority. The company has also taken care to build a culture of belonging that respects every team member and constantly finds ways to meet their diverse needs.

GXO strives to impact the people, its partners, and the planet positively. This is done by listening, doing business responsibly and ethically, and going above and beyond to deliver environmental, social, and economic value. Along with making an impact, the logistics solutions provider is keen to change the game. CEO Wilson states, They never stop finding bold, original solutions to tough challenges. They continually raise the bar, powering game-changing solutions with advanced technology and helping their customers evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow and today.

GXO is a strategic partner to many leading names in numerous industries. With experience supporting businesses in some of the world’s most complex and high-growth industries, the brand brings major advantages of technology, scale, and expertise. There is also the added element of customized logistics solutions that transform challenges into competitive strengths for every customer relationship it establishes.

For instance, in aerospace and defense, GXO has served all sectors and products across government, commercial and military domains. Whether it is outsourced support for the maintenance of aircraft fleets in service that is needed, the launch of new aircraft, or Lean manufacturing processes, GXO can ensure exceptional performance.

Where one sees regular logistics solutions, GXO sees endless opportunities to advance logistics technology through innovation. Through data-driven processes, intelligent automation, and machine learning, the company used technologies that deliver smarter, more agile supply chains and help customers realize their goals.

As of 2022, logistics is an industry ripe for transformation through technology. Automation is an added edge that allows GXO’s operations to flex with demand and deploy resources where the most benefit is. Another key area of innovation is real-time visibility which enhances stock-keeping and lowers cost. Through collaborative robots that support workers during picking and packing operations, operations pick up the pace like never before.

This commitment that GXO has to game-changing innovation is a defining characteristic of logistics and is the company’s root of success. By engineering supply chains that transform logistics today and anticipate the future, there is a whole world of clients that GXO Logistics satisfies.