HCSS – Construction Software for Heavy Civil Projects

Streamlined operations for construction companies were not a burgeoning field a decade or two ago. However, the niche had room for growth and HCSS recognized this need a long time before. Having dominated the market since 1986, HCSS has been developing software to help construction companies streamline their operations.

Continuing to serve thousands of construction companies across the nation from Houston, TX to Sugar Land, HCSS innovates, refines, and expands its products as the industry evolves. With their proven, customer-centric, end-to-end solutions and exceptionally helpful service, while providing a great life for the employees, HCSS is nothing less than a pioneer in the industry.

As a company that is helmed by innovation, HCSS software was built entirely on the feedback of construction field, office, and shop workers, so it fits the needs and workflow out of the box. To be even more specific, HCSS thrives on practical innovation that helps customers be more successful, and there is even a proven formula for ‘leveling up’ companies according to them.

The first step in this formula recommends starting with a single product to make that aspect of a business more efficient. HCSS’s estimating software, HeavyBid is a widely popular one because customers can bid more efficiently and more competitively.

Activities and bid items can be built on the fly, copied from any previous estimate, or pulled from a list of standardized activities of work with HeavyBid. The software also enables directly importing bid items from DOT websites to significantly reduce the time spent building estimates. The produced bid items and quantity information are created from external takeoff programs and inputs that data in HeavyBid to accurately produce a cost estimate. Used by estimators over 4000 companies, business entities that put manpower and equipment to use in the field benefit greatly from using HeavyBid.

HCSS Marketplace is another innovative software created by the enterprise. Marketplace connects HCSS customers with partner companies that provide complementary products and services, helping contractors to be even more effective in competing for business and streamlining operations at every stage, from estimating through project completion.

We’re excited to bring industry-leading solutions together into one construction marketplace. As we grow the platform, we continue to seek best-in-class innovators who share our customer-centric philosophy. Our goal is to help contractors discover other transformative products and services in construction, and simplify workflows to gain efficiency. — Steve McGough, President and CEO

Having the HCSS Marketplace at hand means that the users can now easily integrate a suite of construction software with a broad range of high-quality products and services vetted by HCSS. For instance, a user can utilize HCSS Telematics data to diagnose equipment issues and determine the best solutions. With the upcoming integration with a new HCSS partner, Gearflow, one can automate the entire procurement process for the needed parts. The company has also given due consideration to extensive and powerful APIs that enable partner companies to easily integrate their solutions with the HCSS suite.

HCSS also works with the motto that they are more than just software. They strive towards becoming one-of-a-kind support and service from the most trusted name in the industry. The 24/7 instant support system available throughout the year is a testament to their commitment. For the last seven straight years, HCSS software has won the coveted gold medal in the Roads & Bridges Contractor’s Choice Awards, which recognize top products selected by contractors. Consistently recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Houston Business Journal, HCSS also takes care of the employees equally well.