Helix Semiconductors – A leading semiconductor company

The electronics industry is on the path of continuous development and growth. One of the trends governing the current electronics landscape is its digital evolution. With the world embracing digitalization, companies must replace manual solutions with energy-efficient digital power solutions—this is where Helix Semiconductors steps in.

As one of the fastest-growing semiconductor companies, Helix Semiconductors is artfully balancing the need to combat energy limitations and adhere to efficiency regulations by designing power-conversion technology that supports billions of applications across consumer, computer, medical, telecom, and industrial markets.

Helix Semiconductors, with its unique expertise in new and emerging technologies, offers products that are unparalleled in the market. Helix’s products, known for their highest no-load and standby power delivery efficiency, are a testament to its technological acumen. The MuxCapacitor, a cutting-edge technology, is a Helix Semiconductor product that enhances system efficiency by seamlessly integrating with off-the-shelf output regulators. This multi-switch charge pump provides multiple voltage conversation ratios or gains, setting it apart from other offerings in the market.

As an advanced energy-efficient product, Helix Semiconductors’ MuxCapacitor achieves higher gain ratios by flowing through various stages. This application uses efficient high-voltage switches and low-loss capacitors to deliver the highest level of output energy available. The MuxCapacitor has also established its position as a leading semiconductor offering by being the only power delivery system to unlock 99% efficiency at lighter loads.

Using a two-phase clock, the MuxCapacitor times its switches and selectively enables the switches to charge up the appropriate capacitors to provide the desired voltage conversion ratio. When set at variable clock frequency, this application enhances low-power efficiency. Furthermore, the efficiency curve of the MaxCapacitor highlights the excellent performance of its power delivery; in addition to generating extremely high efficiency, it also eliminates efficiency penalty at low operational loads, with each MuxCapacitor stage consuming less than 1μA quiescent operating current.

In today’s climate of growing concerns around global energy shortages and increasingly stringent global efficiency standards, Helix is committed to creating impactful solutions. — W. J. “Jim” WEAVER, Jr., Co-Chair and CEO

Not only does Helix Semiconductors deliver its cutting-edge MaxCapacitor technology, but it also designs products built using this technology. The MxC 110, Helix Semiconductors’ two-chip production solution, leverages MuxCapacitor for 65W AC-DC power supply products supporting USB-C PD3.0 applications. This chipset accommodates various transformer-based power supply applications, such as Flyback and Forward, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of industries. It also adds a third chip, a Synchronous Rectifier Controller, to unlock the highest efficiency secondary converter solutions.

Helix Semiconductors also offers the MxC 200, a product family consisting of various monolithic, configurable, high-voltage MuxCapacitor DC-DC converter-integrated circuits that can be supported by both isolated and non-isolated, buck and boost converter applications. This product utilizes conversion capacitive conversion and capacitive isolation technology to seamlessly integrate with existing low-voltage power solutions to obtain maximum efficiency 12V to 57V DC-DC converter solutions for regulated or non-regulated PoL, isolated or non-isolated devices.

Helix Semiconductors’ product catalog also includes the McX 300, a chipset comprising two devices that can be used in Transformerless AC-DC power supply modules, supporting up to 65W operation. What sets this chipset as a market leader is its ability to incorporate Helix’s capacitive isolation barrier to eliminate traditional transformers and reduce losses, weight, and volume. This product also includes the MuxCapacitor technology, which AC-DC power supply solutions can use to enhance efficiency and improve power density over transformer-based systems.

Not only does McX 300’s peak load efficiency reach over 94%, but this chipset also enables modules that meet or surpass low standby power requirements.

Helix also offers its transformative Gazelle power converter that catapults its MaxCapacitor technology’s potential to the highest level by layering its in-house Adaptive Dynamic Efficiency Optimization (ADEO) technology on the MxC 200 converter, achieving peak efficiency of greater than 97%. This combination of Helix Semiconductor’s innovative and unique technologies and advanced chipset designs makes it the ultimate customizable approach to unlock high-efficiency power conversions for data center and solar applications.