Henson Group – Microsoft’s #1 Azure Reseller

As technology in businesses takes new forms every day, it is necessary to stay updated to keep up with competitors. From having had to incorporate computers decades ago, today’s business models call for everything from cloud computing to AI technology. Even in its development, the tech world is not taking the slow route. Innovations are rapid, and skipping out on the latest technology means losing a significant section of the target audience.

Henson Group is a trusted partner for those who want to keep up with novel additions in business technology. Topping the global lists as Microsoft’s Azure CSP Reseller and Azure Expert MSP, the Henson Group is all about helping companies manage and optimize their cloud environment. Pushing an all-inclusive customer-centric approach from start to finish, Henson Group gets each company to its future destination.

David Fuess, CEO of Henson Group, says, “Today’s cloud journey is not just as simple as lift-and-shift, not if you want to achieve the business outcomes cloud transformation enables.” “For that, you need a strategic, future-thinking partnership.” This is exactly what the solutions provider offers the clients – an opportunity to identify new cost efficiencies, recommendations on optimization, and incorporation of new, relevant Azure services, and a partnership that guarantees growth.

Despite the advancement of technology on every basis, its integration into small and mid-sized businesses tapers off early. Henson Group is proud of their work which takes Microsoft into the upper mid-market and SMB. For this clientele, the deliverables differ slightly from those of the large businesses. Here, there is an increased need for ensuring that the implemented Microsoft cloud services run smoothly and execute tasks to their full potential. Optimizing the customer experience is also a factor to take care of. Unlike what many businesses assume, setting up a cloud system and services does not mean lifelong results.

The company believes that migrating to the cloud is just the first step in your cloud journey. They ensure companies don’t fall behind once they get to the cloud. They do this with their proprietary cloud lifecycle formula, which is continuously evolving with the latest updates and technologies. Through regular solution assessment, migration process, digital transformation, and service management, Henson Group ensures that customer satisfaction and service optimization remain at their peak.

As a Microsoft partner, keeping up with the trends in the industry is key to creating more benefits for the clients and the business. The experts at Henson Group keep track of the latest trends in the market, such as Kubernetes, Containerization, App Modernization, and Fin-ops, to assist customers in making better use of Microsoft’s services. This way, each client can maximize cloud spending and constantly make improvements around the clock.

Small and mid-sized businesses cannot tackle it on their own, making Microsoft partners a crucial element in their journey to optimal business technology. Be it new updates or tools, a trusted Microsoft partner can help businesses navigate the constant change.

With 20 years of experience in the field, Henson Group deserves to be named among the top 10 Microsoft partners today. By staying ahead of the trends, the company ensures that its clients have a competitive advantage in their respective fields. Through constant evaluation and regular updating, Henson Group makes cost-efficient and effective solutions a reality for many.

Even while operating on a global scale, the company ensures that they are quick and offer customer-centric services always. Offering the best services at competitive prices and having the best talents on board, Henson Group is yet to unleash its best in the world.