Hevo Data – The End-to-End Data Pipeline Platform

Data is one of the most integral parts of an organization. Acquiring, filtering, securing, integrating, and utilizing data is complex. Hevo Data, Inc. ends complex data management by providing its clients with an end-to-end pipeline platform. Hevo’s portal collects data from all sources to the warehouse, runs analysis for data transformation, and delivers operational intelligence to business tools.

With a growing library of over 150 plug-and-play connectors, Hevo oversees all SaaS-based applications, databases, and file systems for marketing, sales and support, product, finance and accounting, database and file systems, and engineering analytics. Hevo designs products and solutions to counter problems in the data integration landscape, such as lack of planning, poor scalability, manual integration, low-quality data, data duplication, and insufficient formats.

Hevo Data’s Hevo Pipeline platform enables modern data teams worldwide to securely automate data integration from multiple sources without any virtual maintenance. This tool automates pipelines end-to-end for data sources in minutes by eliminating manual maintenance due to API changes. It also corrects improper schema after loading data by allowing IT teams to format data instantly with preload transformations and override auto schema mapping to control data landing.

Hevo Pipeline also monitors pipeline health with interactive dashboards that reveal real-time insights, statuses, and failures. Furthermore, with Hevo, organizations can implement a fault-resistant architecture that provides scalability with zero data loss and low latency. It allows companies to pace their end-to-end encryptions and comply with security regulations. Along with full encryption, Hevo API integrates the tool into data workflows and performs pipeline actions without visiting the dashboard.

Regardless of size or industry, companies can automatically create destination schema according to the source and synchronize it irrespective of data sources. Hevo Data’s platform supports preload transportation by controlling data cleansing, formatting, standardization, and filtering without affecting load performance. After preload data modification, organizations can create and synchronize data models and workflows with pipelines to prepare data for analysis automatically.

Different parts of the company use different types of software for their work. But if the data doesn’t flow across different departments, nobody will have full visibility into what all that is happening,” said Manish Jethani, CEO of Hevo Data, Inc.

Hevo Data also provides its customers with Hevo Activate, a tool to utilize data to its maximum potential by focusing on the correct data points. This platform synchronizes product data into the sales CRM to monitor user activity, such as bucket users, based on their patterns. User activity monitoring improves product adoption. Hevo Activate also supports an in-build 360 view of customers and synchronized sales CRM by enabling access to siloed data from different tools in the stack that can be synchronized with the CRM, helping companies understand their customers.

Organizations can use Hevo Activate to allow marketing teams to reach their target audience instead of spending time and resources on the wrong consumers to maximize ROI and generate better conversion rates. Moreover, companies can create complete customer profiles to enhance the support team. Customer profiles help support teams prioritize tickets automatically by synchronizing customer data into the support software and responding swiftly with relevant customer information.

Hevo Data has an impressive portfolio of assisting companies worldwide with data integration and management issues. Hornblower, a Hevo Data client and a global transportation leader, required Hevo’s help to solve its data-related problems. Hornblower produced data by its booking platform, Anchor, stored in DynamoDb. Additionally, the brand’s website, CRM, survey, and center data were kept on various tools, such as Salesforce and Google Analytics.

Hornblower wanted to optimize its stack to strategically transfer relevant data to the warehouse cost-effectively and without wasting resources. Hevo Data’s preload transformation and automated scheme management helped Hornblower move the required data to the warehouse without manual work. Hevo Data also enabled Hornblower to move critical marketing data from important data points to the warehouse and generate real-time insights.