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Teleradiology is a fast emerging field that integrates effective diagnostics and healthcare such that efficient communication can be conducted between the healthcare experts and the person undergoing the medical processes. It is a vital service that requires the best professionals and seamless integration of a huge amount of data.

Hexarad is one of the leading teleradiology solution providers to watch in 2021. It is a teleradiology company that encompasses radiology services by providing robust and sustainable solutions.

Healthcare providers are in dire need of good access and assimilation of medical data and this company provides just that by combining innovative technology with a team of expert radiologists to deliver high quality and cost-efficient results.

Hexarad was conceptualized by the founders because they faced many issues while working within radiology and realized how important it was to get the best possible results. Hence, this innovative thinking makes it a solution-focused company that understands that the radiology sector is severely overstretched and under-resourced.

By working together to help bridge the gaps, we know we can make a difference. Our goal is to create a community where every person feels valued and to establish a collaborative relationship with all our customers naturally,” says Farzana Rahman, CEO of Hexarad.

Hexarad’s specialty is that it is founded, governed, and managed by doctors ensuring that all business decisions of the company are clinically focused. The company has fully accredited UK NHS consultant radiologists who work as an extension of the in-house team.

The highlight of the company is the flexible and quick-responsive service that adjusts to suit any medical requirement. It consists of forward-thinking technological systems that enable them to produce high-quality reports with speedy turnaround times.

This company also provides Optirad services at no extra cost and hence, manages the usage of resources already in place and using teleradiology only when necessary. This gives it the speed advantage in emergencies where it can streamline important procedures and data. The data has been provided in all the major frameworks and this is complemented with a fully audited service.

The team is also very efficient and personifies the spirit of the company. Hexarad has some of the UK’s high-caliber radiologists and brings nothing but excellence in medical imaging. All the radiologists are selected, recruited, and managed in line with GMC and RCR guidelines and adhere to the NHS gold standard practice.

There is also an expert clinical management and advisory team that provides fast and efficient responses to any reporting queries or discrepancies. The customer service is also prompt and efficient with open feedback. In fact, the testimonials and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, with customers commending their promptness, accuracy of diagnosis, and organization.

Another important aspect of teleradiology services is the  Quality IT Infrastructure​ and the NHS equivalent reporting workstations with full RIS to RIS integration with access to priors.

“We also have cutting-edge proprietary technology and platforms to deliver the right scans, to the right reporter, and at the right time for the best report. This results in faster turnaround times and cost efficiency which is passed on to our customers.” reiterates Farzana Rahman.

Hexarad also shows a lot of potential for the future, thanks to its stable and effective collaborations with Alliance Medical and Medinet. This helps it connect with any hospital and the existing pathways to provide a full scan and report service all the while by maintaining high levels of patient care and the data would be delivered by the most appropriate clinical team. Hexarad undoubtedly takes teleradiology services to the next level and has set the bar high in this sector.