Hexcel – Composite Materials and Structures

The aviation and aerospace industry is making a comeback after the pandemic. With the year 2023 looking better and brighter, the key players in the market are getting the breathing space they need to grow. Hexcel Corporation is taking new pathways to innovate the industry, leading the company to the top of aviation and aerospace partners.

Hexcel aims to propel the future of flight, energy generation, transportation, and recreation through excellence in advanced material solutions that create a better world for everyone. As a leading producer of carbon fiber reinforcements and resin systems and the world leader in honeycomb manufacturing for the commercial aerospace industry, Hexcel products are the strength within hundreds of products offered in multiple markets across the globe.

We continue to deliver strong year-over-year performance as we build for the future. We remain confident that we are well aligned with our customers’ needs and remain fully prepared to meet the increasing demands for innovative composite products and solutions to support their growth ahead. — Nick L. Stanage, Chairman, CEO, and President

Hexcel strongly focuses on research and development, facilitating a culture of continuous improvement. With Hexcel’s rich history and foundation based on four values: Responsibility, Innovation, Accountability, and One Hexcel, the company promises a great future too. Hexcel products are some of the most technologically advanced applications in the world. The advancement that Hexcel brings to the table is applicable in many fields.

In commercial aerospace alone, Hexcel is one of the largest providers. Hexcel has a crucial role in the new wide-bodied aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350 XWB composites account for over 50% of the airframe. Hexcel was proud to be awarded the contract by Airbus to supply HexPly® prepreg reinforced with HexTow® carbon fiber for all composite primary structures of the A350 XWB.

The culture of innovation at Hexcel has been fostered for over 70 years, pushing back the performance boundaries for aircraft designers with IM carbon fiber, toughened epoxy resins, out-of-autoclave curing prepregs, noise-reducing honeycombs, and value-added composite parts. Even in the space and defense industry, Hexcel is a force to be reckoned with.

With the best and brightest minds working with Hexcel, the company has the greatest number of aerospace-qualified products of any composite materials manufacturer worldwide. Hexcel’s composite materials add great benefits to aircraft design. With solutions and products that save weight and reduce fuel consumption, increase payload, extend flight range, enhance toughness and durability, optimize design, reduce part count, decrease maintenance cost, and maximize passenger comfort and safety, Hexcel is a pioneer in its true sense. The improvement in fatigue performance with carbon fiber reinforced prepregs (CFRP) compared to aluminum is also a major benefit that remains a credit to Hexcel.

Beyond scientific innovation, Hexcel takes active initiative in social change and community service. The team at Hexcel strives to keep the Hexcel values and purposes alive through the services done for low-income families, cancer research, needy children, and so much more. Supporting student-led research and projects, Hexcel supports the various colleges and universities worldwide, where the best talent is recruited by providing limited quantities of raw material products such as carbon fiber tow, reinforced fabric, honeycomb, resins, and adhesives.

Hexcel is one of the few organizations today that aims for holistic growth and development rather than focusing on profit generation alone. Be it tech innovation or community outreach, Hexcel uses all the right resources to create the maximum impact for the effort exerted.