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Let Consumers Lead the UX Evolution

One of the leading and fastest-growing identity management companies, HID Global, believes that customers are at the core of any successful business. It believes in prioritizing human experiences and developing technology that caters to making life better and more comfortable. C-suite executives and security professionals working in highly regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and governmental services often need technology and software that focuses on the balance between workforce and consumer convenience. HID Global strives to provide them with that very balance by helping these organizations to build a scalable platform to enable growth thanks to its expertise in various fields of identity and security.

Founded in 1991, HID Global has an impressive track record of providing companies and government bodies with Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that power the trusted identities of the world’s people, places, things for more than thirty years. One of HID’s business areas particularly focuses on Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and Consumer Authentication. Its aim is to make the digital management identity space more accessible and effective by having deep knowledge of the underlying trends and particular market conditions.

A significant trend impacting the digital management space is the change in consumer behavior reflected by their heightened expectations online. The employees need to form a personal connection with customers to understand and address the challenges they face. Digital spaces or applications need to be designed with the best user experiences (UX) as a top priority whilst managing the needs efficiently.

Consumers have proven to choose their own path and simply elect to use the services or solutions provided in a different way than how their service provider expects. Being attentive to their queries, demands, and concerns to continually ensure the best UX is key to avoid just that.

The Austin, Texas-based company goes beyond their traditional solutions securing people, places and things by providing an end-to-end digital consumer authentication experience that aims to strike a balance between cyber security and UX that can be seamlessly integrated in the organizations’ own applications.

Those new services from HID Global are aiming to reform the CIAM landscape and set itself apart as a leading organization in the digital identity and cyber security space. With over thirty years of experience, HID Global is certainly no stranger to securing identities. Some of the identity centric services the company offers include mobile access credentials, printing and designing passports for various nations around the world, issuing federal and military US government IDs, managing workforce identities as well as running the largest public certification authority on Earth.

HID, however, doesn’t limit itself to offering products, software solutions and services. Particularly in very customer centric segments, highly skilled, trusted advisors play an essential role in understanding the needs of end users and helping the integrating parties to make the right decisions on how to lead the future. They bring global expertise and local insights throughbest practices and by offering industry leading solutions to address regulations and local legislations.

“Progress is not about technology, it’s about what we enable people to achieve with the help of technology. That is why I like to say that our biggest strength is our people, we pride ourselves in being trusted advisors for our customers. While keeping them on the latest technology, providing a frictionless end-to-end UX is our ultimate goal,” said Martin Ladstaetter, SVP and Head of Identity and Access Management Solutions (IAM).

Let’s transition to look at how this is reflected by looking at an example within the banking industry as it is one of the fastest evolving consumer centric industries. Banks and financial services providers are in the midst of the mobile banking transformation. It is no longer a growing trend, it is dominant in markets around the world. While consumers have become fond and highly dependent of their smartphones, not every bank or financial services provider can facilitate a convenient, seamless, and secure end-to-end mobile journey. Many still use SMS One Time Passwords to enable transaction sign in which is both insecure and offers a less than optimal UX because the users need to leave the app. Integrating customizable solutions like HID Approve as part of a banking app to enable login and transaction signing through a seamless swipe, can give you the upper hand.

HID Global has helped financial services providers around the world to strengthen their mobile banking journey. Most recently, AI Ain Finance, a nimble and innovative financial institution in the UAE, switched its operations to the online space during the pandemic. With customers increasingly needing to gain digital access, it became necessary to secure customer data and information via multi-factor authentication. HID Approve enabled Al Ain Finance to protect its customers’ data and transactions with maximum flexibility while delivering a seamless online and mobile app-based customer experience.

HID Global is expanding its reach, vision, and footprint with the future of IAM and CIAM in mind. Part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, it strives to empower identity authentication globally and driving the adoption of mobile identities. HID Global’s solutions are used in approximately 90% of Fortune 500 companies, and the company has issued over 500 million protected credentials. HID Global’s high-quality tools, unique solutions, and industry knowledge have assisted various sectors, such as enterprise, banking, healthcare, and government, to secure digital identities, enhance networking, and identify and eliminate cyber threats.

To ensure a safe and secure future and maintain the relevancy of its products and services, HID Global, along with ASSA ABLOY, has invested heavily in New Product Innovation (NPI). Deemed by Forbes as one of the “Top 100 most innovative companies in the World,” HID Global is diligently working to deliver more innovative solutions and strategically improve its connections organically and through acquisitions.