Hitplay – Making It Easy To Connect And Share Ideas

Hybrid meetings are a critical tool for every workplace. A consistent user experience and customer-centric design are of the essence for video and unified communication deployments. Hitplay’s success is due to its deep understanding of each customer’s business coupled with their investments. They are on the leading edge of the ever-evolving tools available in the video communications space.

Hitplay’s core values put their customer’s user experience first, a far divergence from how many companies who service this market operate with a products and platforms first strategy.  A forward-thinking communications technology partner, starting with the user experience, allows them to begin with the user’s point of view and create solutions focused on achieving their clients’ short and long-term objectives.

As the trusted partner of numerous Fortune 500 enterprises, they provide consulting, design, deployment, and most importantly, proactive, ongoing long-term support of the hybrid meeting experience.  Hitplay offers a unique combination of technical knowledge and user experience coupled with an agile structure to help businesses navigate the challenging video communication, collaboration, and hybrid meeting space.

Hitplay helps businesses construct intelligent infrastructure and easy visual communication solutions that improve collaboration, productivity, and space use. They have created and followed a proprietary methodology analyzing industry and user demands, layering this over established technological options. This develops a unique solution for every customer to ensure their success, delivering trustworthy and easy-to-use connected experiences that improve workplace performance and knowledge sharing.

Critical to their success is being ahead of the technology curve. As a team of professionals, they constantly collaborate with the key software and hardware vendors. Hitplay is always pushing the boundaries of AV technology and is ready to take on new challenges.

Hitplay is a certified partner of Zoom, Microsoft, and Cisco, as well as to major hardware providers like Logitech, Poly, QSC, Crestron, Shure, Biamp, and many others. They are committed to serving each organization’s ever-changing demands efficiently.

“Hitplay will continue to grow our share of North Americas Fortune 500 through successful partnerships, expansion of our managed service offering, and a proactive support model with pivot. We want to change the way our industry delivers support by building the world’s most efficient AV service engine, using machine learning and smart service workflows to deliver uptime and be the best AV partner to enterprise IT,” says Kevin Rauch, the CEO of Hitplay.

Enterprise AV systems are interconnected, necessitating a particular skill set to administer, which is typically lacking in IT Support Teams. Supporting complex systems has never been more difficult because of the current situation and the increasing need for hybrid work setups and blended environments.  One of Hitplay’s core pillars of customer success is the use of data and automation to provide proactive management of deployed systems and services.

Hitplay is the trusted advisor for organizations to provide consulting, designing, integration, implementation, support, and optimization services. Its consultancy services include a workplace evaluation that layers data and insights into how the work environment, its employees, and the technical support team communication and collaboration. With its dependable integrated systems, it assists businesses in being operationally excellent.

Hitplay’s managed service offerings are based on Pivot, a turnkey AV service management application that uses data and smart service workflows to provide Support Teams with the right information at the right time. This helps efficiently and effectively resolve any AV issues teams may be facing. Pivot coordinates service efforts between a client IT team and a service provider to maintain this efficiency in managing their meeting technology.

Hitplay provides stress-free support and has the shortest mean time in resolution. It offers a user-centered design that is adaptable to any business, and it creates infrastructure and communication systems while allowing for future development at a low cost.

What sets Hitplay apart is their emphasis on the user experience and focus on long-term partnerships.  Leading enterprises seek them out because of their unique approach to giving solutions for video communication and hybrid meeting spaces.  They offer a conceptual design approach, bringing aspects of the users’ needs and industry technology together to co-create unique solutions for each client.

Thanks to their conceptual design approach, technical competence, and investment integrated service processes, they assist what leading enterprises seek.

Hitplay began as a two-brother family business ten years ago, with one simple mission: to make technology simple for every user, and to make every client and partner’s experience simple. They succeed by establishing long-term partnerships with their clients and holding their clients’ business interests at the core of the relationship.