HungerRush – Restaurant Management Solution & Online Ordering Solutions

Restaurants are facing challenging times with high inflation, staff shortages, and customers becoming more selective about how and when they spend their money. Pressures on restaurants to optimize operations toward speed and convenience, maintain output with a smaller workforce, and meet customer expectations are coming from all sides—and these market forces don’t appear to be settling down anytime soon.

HungerRush is a leading restaurant technology solution provider that helps restaurants thrive in these challenging times. HungerRush provides technology solutions for independent restaurants and large chains including AI-driven automated order taking, customized website creation, online ordering, an all-in-one cloud-based POS solution, and done-for-you email and text marketing services.

These technologies form HungerRush 360, HungerRush’s suite of integrated products that provide restaurants a comprehensive platform for running their business. The interconnected suite of technologies provides restaurants the ability to connect all areas of their business as well as connecting better with their customers. The result is what HungerRush calls the connected restaurant experience.

The connected restaurant experience is, in short, where restaurant operators and brand leaders have access to all of the tools and reporting they need to manage and grow companies from one technology platform. Rather than integrating dozens of tools and apps—the standard practice in today’s restaurant industry—HungerRush customers use a wide array of tools under the HungerRush 360 umbrella that share data easily. HungerRush 360 solution centralizes cash flow, menu management, staffing, inventory, online order channels, order tracking, and customer feedback on the same platform.

“Keeping a connection with your customers, managing and retaining staff, and obtaining operational insight into your business is more challenging now than ever. But when restaurants have a system that keeps them connected with customers, staff and operations– all the time, no matter where they are – the opportunities are boundless,” said Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush.

All restaurants need to connect with their customers, manage staff, and stay up to date with accurate, actionable data. But doing all of that at once can be a challenge. The HungerRush 360 POS lets restaurants stay connected with their staff anytime and anywhere – because it’s cloud-based. In a world that’s changing rapidly, real-time access to your restaurant, one location or all of them, is a game-changer.

One of HungerRush’s newest and cutting-edge innovations is OrderAI, an AI-powered platform that allows restaurants to accept digital orders via phone bot or text message. This fully-automated ordering channel uses Natural Language Processing to guide customers through the ordering process, use data from a customer’s past orders to suggest relevant upsells, collect delivery and payment details, and submit everything to the POS system. The system is broken into two core components: OrderAI Talk and OrderAI Text.

OrderAI Talk is a phone bot that answers the phone on behalf of the restaurant, removing one of the biggest time sinks for restaurant workers. The artificial intelligence can answer unlimited calls at once, which means customer hold times are a thing of the past (and lost customers due to long hold times). Through this tool, restaurant managers can enhance their labor efficiency by allowing employees previously stuck manning the phone to focus their efforts where they’re needed most, like serving guests or preparing food.

OrderAI Text takes customers through the entire ordering journey without them having to leave their favorite texting app, and has a 99 percent order accuracy rate. If customers go silent, restaurant owners can send them targeted marketing a week later, letting them respond and place a new order via text instantly.

HungerRush also offers HungerRush 360 Marketing, a done-for-you email and SMS marketing system. The team at HungerRush uses their restaurant industry expertise and their clients’ customer data to craft marketing campaigns that go out to customers automatically, enabling even the smallest of restaurants to have a specialized marketing team.

HungerRush provides these services to many growing restaurant chains. Here are some of their stories.

Jet’s Pizza, a leading pizza franchise with over 400 locations, uses HungerRush’s OrderAI Talk product which has increased team productivity and boosted customer experience.

Sbarro, another leading pizza chain with over 600 outlets across 28 countries improved upon their old POS system which lacked integration and menu management. With HungerRush, Sbarro gained an efficient system that provided full integration to streamline on-site and online orders. HungerRush’s services helped Sbarro’s IT team to create strategic and business solutions, which enhanced the food chain’s technological and programming support system.

Crush Taco, a fast-casual restaurant specializing in contemporary cuisine, needed an efficient POS system to support high-volume orders and increase scalability. With the help of HungerRush’s in-depth reporting, Crush Taco adapted to changing customer requirements and preferences, such as third-party delivery apps and online ordering services.