HYPERVSN – 3D Integrated Holographic System for advertising, digital signage, events

In a world driven by rapid technological evolution, staying ahead means embracing change and constant adaptation. HYPERVSN is the pioneering display tech company that is revolutionizing the realm of visual experiences. With its cutting-edge technology, it empowers businesses to unleash their creativity and redefine visual solutions. Fueling a new era of limitless possibilities, it harnesses the power of innovation to transport audiences into new realms of imagination.

HYPERVSN excels in holographic solutions. The British technology company built the world’s first Integrated 3D Holographic Display System and continues to develop advanced holographic tools and systems. Its incredible holographic displays work excellently with digital signage campaigns, holographic display billboards, digital out-of-home technology, activation events, and 3D point-of-sale displays.

Every sector uses display technology to enhance visual appeal, better interactivity, and strengthen the relationship between businesses and clients. With this in mind, HYPERVSN delivers display technology to various industries, such as retail, automotive, healthcare, education, hospitality, and event management.

HYPERVSN has an extensive portfolio of best-in-class holographic technologies. The company’s SmartV Digital Avatar allows users to solidify their relationship with their customers through interactive displays and ChatGPT features. This product creates a dynamic two-way interaction, where customers can directly interact with 24/7 tech support through a human interface instead of machines; the ‘human touch’ engagement boosts the company’s digital marketing score. It also improves chatbots’ function by reducing operational and staff costs.

With its Holographic Human solution, HYPERVSN lets users use a life-size 3D human holographic display to provide information, present products, and incorporate the latest trends. Its 3D holographic system is a human-sized 3D display comprising three synchronized showcased and aligned vertically. This solution also has a 3D content service that enables users to create 3D content. Furthermore, its all-in-one installation feature allows companies to install it in various ways, including Alignment Mounts or with the Glass Box L3 protection.

We have developed proprietary accessories to enable new, exciting interactive features and various installation options,” said Kiryl Chykeyuk, CEO and Co-founder of HYPERVSN.

The London, England-based company also offers a SmartV Wall, a cutting-edge holographic wall operated by an in-built HYPERVSN Software Suite. This solution has a large-scale display that connects and synchronizes multiple single displays. Its content management feature allows users to efficiently create, select, and prepare the display contents using the integrated HYPERVSN Software Suite. Lastly, its scalable and modular display is adaptable; users can install it quickly and adjust it to any size and configuration.

HYPERVSN’s SmartV Solo technology uses an integrated Content Management System to deliver a mesmerizing four-ray rotor display, showing 3D content floating mid-air. Its content management system offers various free tools for faster content creation.

The company also provides a SmartV 3D Modeller, an interactive solution that lets viewers actively change 3D models with their own hand gestures. This solution increases interactivity with the audience by manipulating holographic images of products, boosting foot in-store traffic, and generating an optimal user experience by combining the virtual world with 3D reality, creating high engagement.

With HYPERVSN’s SmartV 3D Catalogue, users can use an interactive 3D catalog to showcase their products, provide information, and implement the latest features. Since this solution allows an individual to modify a product’s holographic image virtually, it improves audience interaction and increases unique customers, increasing the company’s sales and brand reputation.

HYPERVSN also offers SmartV Slots that use holographic slots to boost audience engagement by creating innovative gaming experiences. Companies generate excitement and pull a sizeable physical crowd through improved audience participation. Moreover, similar to HYPERVSN’s SmartV 3D Catalogue and SmartV 3D Modeller, SmartV Slots also lead to high foot traffic by attracting new customers and allowing them to try the 3D slot machine.

Launched in 2011, HYPERVSN has dominated the display tech industry for over a decade. The company has used its expertise and products to help organizations improve their business and client relationships globally. One of HYPERVSN’s clients, a leading company in the F1 IT tech sector, wanted to incorporate the latest features into its products. The client used HYPERVSN’s SmartV Wall to create incredible 3D photo scans and recreate missing or damaged inventory, leading to better client interactions and optimized user experiences.