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The aviation and aerospace landscape is following an upward graph, with industries globally investing in aerospace manufacturing solutions for their businesses. As a top aviation and aerospace solution provider, iBASEt delivers digital transformation solutions that simplify and revolutionize the aerospace environment by simplifying complex products and allowing customers to plan, execute, and constantly improve their operations in the current market scenario.

With a rich history and background in product innovation, iBASEt has always been a pioneer in the integrated production process. The company continuously upgrades products and improves its performances by building advanced technologies and creating innovative solutions that help industries such as aerospace and defense, electronics, industrial equipment, medical, nuclear, and shipbuilding.

iBASEt provides unique solutions and services to clients globally to help them achieve their business goals. iBASEt’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software is at the forefront of digital transformation. This solution allows industries to integrate all 4.0 devices and software to create a sustainable and stable digital data and technology ecosystem.

MES implementation assists manufacturers around the globe in managing their data and processes using real-time insights. iBASEt uses MES to allow organizations to connect with the entire enterprise, including suppliers, contractors, and business partners. This tool enables resource management by sorting machine and tooling compatibility, evaluating machines for maintenance check-ups, and implementing proper tool calibration. It also tracks materials and components from other suppliers to initiate processes at the scheduled time.

iBASEt redefines product management and dispatch operations. By using MES as a central manager for all product BOMs, iBASEt ensures the production process runs smoothly by automatically updating plans with product updates in real-time. iBASEt also makes product tracking and genealogy manageable by installing the right parts in the right place at the right time. MES software monitors materials as they change work centers and transmits WIP inventory levels to the ERP system.

MES makes data accessible by consolidating it and making it viewable on dashboards using reporting tools. This solution lets iBASEt send real-time updates and information, such as product cycle time, resource utilization, and conformance to schedule, to executives and supervisors.

Recent research has validated that almost a quarter of discrete manufacturers have gone ‘all in’ on the cloud, migrating key operations and analytics applications to take full advantage of the benefits of a hosted cloud infrastructure. For the analytics revolution to truly take off, however, more will need to jump to the cloud. — Naveen Poonian, President and CEO

With its Supplier Quality Management (SQM) software, iBASEt monitors and responds to changes in supplier performances on enterprise levels. Manufacturers often find supply chains complex, extensive, and challenging. However, SQM combats these problems by improving supplier communication, improving supplier performance, measuring and comparing supplier performance, continuously enhancing design and production, and maintaining healthy competition among competitors through accountability.

Finally, iBASEt’s Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) software makes machines more visible, controllable, and efficient. iBASEt’s MRO operations have moved from paper to displaying compatibility with industry 4.0 devices. Replacing paper-based processes and standalone applications with a central digital solution allows iBASEt to help manufacturers. Using MRO, manufacturers can improve planning, schedule and manage repairs, minimize risks and downtimes, integrate digital threads into a digital cloth, isolate problems, streamline workflows, and standardize industry practices.

iBASEt constantly delivers its solutions and services to enterprises worldwide, solidifying its leading aerospace and aviation service provider position. Airbus, one of iBASEt’s clients, is a European multinational aerospace corporation that designs specialized, one-off products for space exploration missions. This Netherlands-based company has been integral to Mars missions since 2003 and won a bid to produce ExoMars Rover 2022.

Airbus required a new system to build ExoMars Rover 2022 and turned to iBASEt’s MES software, which other Airbus divisions have used since 2011. iBASEt’s MES helped Airbus improve time productivity, increase work efficiency, reduce cleanroom interactions, and reduce on-site worker dependency. MES also enabled seamless integration with product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning, and advanced planning and scheduling, making data flow more manageable.