Identidad Tech – Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

Innovation is the driving force behind shaping the future of telecommunications. As the demand for cutting-edge solutions in voice, SMS-managed services, and CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) continues to soar, one company stands out for its technological advancement in telecommunications—Identidad Technologies, a pioneering force with over two decades in the telecom industry, has consistently been at the forefront, offering unparalleled solutions for a diverse global clientele.

Identidad Technologies has demonstrated an exceptional ability to take on and excel in any telecom-technological project. The company’s innovative approach allows it to consistently expand into new markets and introduce cutting-edge products to its extensive portfolio. Its consultative philosophy fosters collaboration with partners and empowers them to tackle the most demanding challenges in the industry.

Identidad Technologies has mastered the art of International Voice termination, exceeding the industry’s highest quality standards. Its service incorporates state-of-the-art anti-fraud technology and is supported by specialized Quality Assurance teams. From wholesale services to authentication and Direct Inward Dialing (DID) solutions, their comprehensive voice portfolio ensures top-quality connections and regional exclusivities in LATAM and the Caribbean.

Our International Voice termination service is designed to exceed the industry’s highest quality demands, incorporating our proprietary state-of-the-art anti-fraud technology. — Andres Sanchez, CEO & Managing Partner

Identidad Technologies continuously innovates to enhance its voice portfolio, boasting more than two decades of experience and substantial investment in Research and Development. Their multidisciplinary teams have devised tools that offer real-time monitoring systems, data intelligence, scalability, direct termination, and anti-fraud technology, among others.

With over eight years of experience, Identidad Technologies has honed its craft in the SMS market. It provides consultative and personalized SMS solutions, enabling its partners to communicate more effectively and directly with their customers. Direct worldwide connectivity and real-time systems facilitate transactional messages, promotional campaigns, and two-way messaging. Identidad Technologies’ Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers comprehensive tools tailored to enterprise needs. Their in-house technology department evaluates company-specific requirements and provides advice on 208 territories worldwide. With 22 regional exclusivities in LATAM and the Caribbean, its SMS solutions have earned industry recognition and trust.

In-house technological developments, such as anti-spam filters, conversion rate improvements, brand management, scalability, and in-country testing tools enrich the company’s SMS solutions. Identidad Technologies’ relentless pursuit of excellence has created an ecosystem that ensures the highest level of service and efficiency for its clients.

Identidad Technologies provides worldwide managed solutions with 24 exclusive markets, all enhanced with proprietary technology. Its managed services encompass network and real-time monitoring and control, billing management, rate management, and network security management. Clients benefit from customized solutions, versatile protocol compatibility, and centralized reports that consolidate essential data in one document.

Identidad Technologies’ “Yellow Push,” a Cloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) reimagines customer engagement strategies. Yellow Push allows businesses to create and optimize their customer journey through various communication channels and tools, orchestrating interactions and processes efficiently.

Yellow Push features SMS retail, manual campaign creation, scheduling campaigns, API integration, contact segmentation, online payments, global reach, white-label availability, blocklists, two-way SMS, and real-time reports. It ensures multi-channel, omnichannel, and cross-channel communication flows, easy integration with external systems, scalability, and global coverage. The innovative technology integrated into Yellow Push streamlines operations improves efficiency, and provides state-of-the-art implementations like anti-spam filters, conversion rate enhancements, and automated testing tools.

Identidad Technologies has consistently worked towards combating fraud within the telecommunications industry. It is compliant-certified with the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) Code of Conduct to prevent fraud, and its unceasing efforts in fraud detection and mitigation have been recognized and celebrated with the 2023 GLF’s Code of Conduct Certification.

Identidad Technologies has strategically partnered with prominent companies like Liberty Latin America, handling International A2P SMS and ILD business for them. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, Identidad Technologies continues to redefine the standards of quality and service in the sector.