IFS: Global Enterprise Software Solution Provider

IFS develops and delivers uniquely tailored enterprise software to reputed companies worldwide to help them manufacture and distribute goods, manage service-focused operations, or build and maintain assets more efficiently.

Its growing ecosystem includes accomplished professionals with years of industry experience. This, combined with a customer-centric approach where commitment to deliver value every step of the way is prioritized, has elevated IFS to the status of a globally reputed leader.

“Our unique experience started decades ago in a nuclear plant, today, over 300 utilities have partnered with us. IFS solutions cover a large breadth of functionality for business needs, has great usability, and is quick and easy to install which makes it outstanding in its class. With continuous innovation, IFS is adapting to the evolving industry requirements such as using augmented reality for customers and engineers for remote assistance, and real time customer updates through the channel of their choice”, says Simon Orchard, Industry Architect, Energy, Utilities and Resources, IFS.

IFS’s diverse range of solutions effectively leverages the trends in the utility space, to deliver value for utilities in terms of automating asset management, accelerating digital transformation, and delivering improved customer service.

When it comes to supporting utility-specific use-cases or ecosystems in Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) or Field Service Management (FSM), IFS is striving to meet broad-spectrum needs, such as customer services from information systems, damage assessments, storm response and recovery, meter service, field asset inspection, and maintenance.

IFS solution helps meet the growing demand for functional elements in Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) or Field Service Management (FSM), by enhancing contingent workforce management, fleet or asset management, field data capture, and mobile workforce management including subcontractor management. IFS scheduling and optimization functionality ensures the most efficient work schedule is dispatched and increases the completions in a single visit.

IFS’s solutions also address the need for optimized mobile environments, where resilience is boosted for climate change challenges, and safe operations and regulatory compliance during natural disasters are maintained.

In the water and T&D (Transmission and Distribution) industries, CX (Customer Experience) measurements are becoming increasingly important, which is also increasing the competition between energy and utility providers, based on customer service.

Success in today’s dynamic landscape requires flexibility, preemptive insights, control, and time efficiency. Companies may miss out on major competitive opportunities if they cannot make real-time strategic and operational decisions.

With its comprehensive solutions, IFS is sparing no effort in meeting this surge in demand for a more retail-like customer experience model, where customers can get the right personalized energy solution, on their preferred channel, without any hassle. It also helps companies seamlessly transition to a Cloud ecosystem to cut costs.

IFS Cloud is a single product that delivers class-leading solutions across Service Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management. These integrated solutions give companies the transparency, power, and agility they need to manage enterprise-wide operational excellence.

The flexible components and deep functionality that its solutions offer for diverse industries are what give it a competitive edge. Modern energy companies utilize IFS’s solutions as the digital core that facilitate supporting operations, network balancing, outage management, and smart consumer solutions.

Its IoT business connector enables the digitalization of assets, and the uploading of data to optimize asset performance and reliability through data analysis. This sets the precedent for predictive maintenance that utilizes AI.

IFS’s client portfolio includes companies like Suffolk County Water Authority, which deployed the IFS MWM solution to move to a digital automated system that would lead to a transformed customer experience, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency.

FortisBC Inc. too deployed this solution for the maintenance of their meter network, and to dispatch crews for routine and emergency responses. In 2020, IFS acquired Clevest; a move that was aimed at driving innovation and helping utilities overcome present, and future challenges.

In the future, IFS plan to improve its newly launched IFS Cloud solution that delivers the full spectrum of its capabilities from a single product, with uniquely tailored solutions that suit specific industries, businesses, or functional areas. This re-architected platform will enable its customers to deliver on their Moments of ServiceTM.

IFS is undoubtedly making a huge, positive impact in the utilities landscape, and will continue to adapt to the changing market dynamics, to unearth new ways to build resilience and create value in business models.