Ilantus – Global Leader in Identity and Access Management

Aiming to make Identity and Access Management (IAM) an exhilarating experience, Ilantus Technologies takes a different path compared to its counterparts. In the process of transforming the old IAM paradigms through innovation, Ilantus Technologies keeps the customer appetite in mind when adding value to traditional IAM solutions.

We continue to work with our customers beyond technology implementation,” says Arun Singh, CEO of Ilantus Technologies. The enterprise understands that each client requires a solution that takes their needs, personnel, and other available resources into consideration. Arun Singh also remarks, “We do not force-fit one product for every customer. We enable you to choose the right solution, sometimes even if it is from our competitor.

Innovation is the driving force behind every product and service at Ilantus Technologies. Seeing a scope for a converged Identity and Access Management platform, Ilantus Technologies created Compact Identity that offers all elements of IAM in a single product and from a single dashboard. Being the best of the only three converged IAM platforms and hailed as the technology of the future in Gartner’s 2020 IGA Market Guide, Ilantus’ converged IAM platform includes Access Management, Identity Governance, Identity Administration, and Privileged Access Management, all under one roof.

For those unfamiliar with the latest IAM solutions, converged IAM platforms are more efficient and cost-effective than any other solution. The ease of access that they provide, along with the increased simplicity, low support requirements, and low admin overheads, make converged IAM solutions highly sustainable. Converged IAM is the most functional choice for companies looking for identity-centered holistic solutions.

Another solution by Ilantus Technologies that gives its clients a competitive edge is centralized IAM. This service enhances the organizational agility of the client’s company. Without the presence of solutions that manage the dispersed SoTs into one powerful user store, companies risk dropping the ball on handling functions associated with identity and access. In addition, this solution also boosts IT efficiency by seamlessly integrating cloud apps into SSO, Access Provisioning, Access Recertification, and Password Management. Better agility means that the weight of progressing technology does not burden workers.

XPress Password is yet another product presented by Ilantus Technologies. This password management model is excellent for service providers to onboard a large number of customers on the consumption model. It is a highly customizable solution that includes unique features such as remote password reset with enhanced performance.

Seeing how users depended on IT resources to reset and manage their passwords, XPress Password was the innovation to unlock the productivity lying dormant in various departments due to poor management of access information. The most intriguing feature of the XPress Password is that users do not have to depend on the helpdesk or IT support services to set up the product. With multi-factor authentication, users can reset passwords and unlock accounts on their own.

One of the most common reasons IAM solutions are out of the reach of small and mid-sized businesses is the exorbitant fees. Unlike the competitors in the market, Ilantus Technologies has made IAM solutions accessible to enterprises of all sizes by introducing a pay-per-use feature. This ensures that the clients only pay for what they use. The charges are paid based on actual logins, MFA usage, password resets, the onboarding of new users, access requests made, and access certified, rather than the number of users.

Offering assisted trials and extensive support, Ilantus Technologies makes sure that its service remains accessible to clients at all times. Even post-implementation, Ilantus Technologies keeps up with a steady stream of recommendations to make its service smoother.