Impact Analytics – NextGen AI-driven SaaS solutions

In today’s world, the success of a business depends on planning and forecasting. As market trends evolve, consumer demands change, and the competition grows every second, planning and forecasting help companies remain the best in the game. As a leading planning and forecasting solution provider, Impact Analytics helps its clients satisfy customers, increase sales, and attain desired goals through innovative and automated solutions.

Impact Analytics aims to empower all enterprises, regardless of size or industry. From small and emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Impact Analytics’ SaaS solutions offer quick insights via real-time data, data-driven information, and smart decisions while ensuring optimized costs and profitable results. IA uses its expertise and knowledge to equip retail, fashion, food, CPG, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors with the latest and best-in-class planning and forecasting solutions.

Every organization has individual needs—Impact Analytics caters to all. Instead of creating uniform solutions, IA designs customized solutions based on the enterprise’s requirements and business objectives. For companies aiming for better demand planning, Impact Analytics’ ForecastSmart comes in handy. This next-generation AI-powered software uses AI/ML to generate accurate and reliable forecasts for all SKUs at the store, style, or hierarchy level across their lifespan.

ForecastSmart identifies the latest trends and seasonal demands. It replaces the traditional forecasting system of relying on historical data by focusing on evolving product preferences and consumption behaviors in addition to past data. This tool enables faster pattern recognition, identifies context-based variables and market shifts, captures lost sales, and understands demand drivers.

“We are on a mission to help organizations realize value from the mountain of data they possess and to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all,” said Prashant Agrawal, CEO of Impact Analytics, Inc.

Impact Analytics offers three solutions to help enterprises improve their supply chains: InventorySmart, SpaceSmart, and RackSmart. As the name suggests, InventorySmart optimizes inventories using stock planning, allocation, and replenishment software. By leveraging predictive analytics and leading-edge machine learning models, IA delivers accurate results and creates flexible, effective, and dynamic planning strategies, allowing businesses to make reliable decisions.

The SpaceSmart software reduces the dependency on manual labor by automating space plans and planograms. It makes retail space and floor planning accurate using AI/ML for better top and bottom-line results.

The last supply chain solution, RackSmart, is a retail shelf monitoring software that digitizes retail shelves and delivers insights with a smartphone-powered image-processing application. This app provides real-time suggestions for efficient operations, increased sales, and optimum forecasting accuracy to reduce trade promotion expenses.

IA delivers PlanSmart, AssortSmart, and AttributeSmart solutions when combating merchandising challenges. PlanSmart is an AI/ML-powered financial planning software that uses long-range forecasts to create customized plans according to the product hierarchy’s key constraints and strategic objectives.

PlanSmart, an AI/ML-powered merchandise financial planning tool, uses long-range forecasts to generate optimized plans based on key constraints and strategic objectives at multiple levels of the product hierarchy.

AssortSmart uses easy-to-navigate UI and tools to create better assortment plans quickly. This AI-driven technology analyses data to collect essential insights, allowing retailers to plan assortments, increase sales, and improve customer experiences. AttributeSmart reduces manual operations and increases automated product tagging workflow accuracy by 95% for better EBITDA and CSAT scores.

IA also offers pricing and promotion solutions, such as PriceSmart for optimizing business strategies, TradeSmart for trade promotion planning, and AuditSmart for high-quality audits using an advanced RPA bot. Impact Analytics also solves business intelligence concerns with the help of TestSmart, an automated testing platform, and MondaySmart, a BI solution for identifying gaps and problem areas.

A leading fabric and craft specialty retailer required better data, processes, and visibility to improve its seasonal inventory and predict product demand accurately. Impact Analytics’ InventorySmart helped the retailer accurately estimate demand, simplify allocation processes, accelerate allocation, and reduce manual errors. Furthermore, during COVID, InventorySmart helped the client deliver the right products to the right stores, improving sales and consumer shopping experiences.