Infused Innovations – Accelerating Your Transformation With A Full Spectrum Of Solutions

In today’s digital landscape the Cloud plays a critical role in the operations of most organizations. Successful adoption requires the careful orchestration of functional cloud platforms to drive business value, a recognition of the interplay between human and technical dynamics, navigation of industry challenges, and a recognition of security posture as an important weighted variable. As a leading Microsoft partner, Infused Innovations has found success in collaborating with organizations to optimize their investments in Microsoft cloud technologies, while providing deliberative advice on strategy and approach.

However, unlike many other consulting firms, Infused Innovations’ focus on the client experience and cutting-edge innovation sets them apart. While the firm has a proven track record in advising, delivering, and supporting technologies in the Microsoft 365, Power, and Azure platforms (as witnessed in their 2021 Microsoft Partner Award for Modern Work and Security), the company prides itself in taking a client-first approach towards driving business objectives and market disruption. More specifically, Infused Innovations helps organizations implement emerging technologies to maximize business value, inside each client organization and out.

The world has witnessed the benefits of cloud technologies over the past few years, but thoughtful implementation and successful operationalization still pose challenges to many organizations. Choosing the optimal subscription mix balancing productivity and security alongside budget, implementation of a well thought out roadmap, and the constant focus on cybersecurity only highlights the requirement for getting investments right. In addition, issues involving global politics, economic uncertainty, and healthcare concerns such as the recent global pandemic, demands businesses take a creative approach to investments in emerging technologies. Companies must quickly identify and incorporate these technologies into their businesses while overcoming some inherent cloud-based challenges.

This new world doesn’t give business leaders a lot of breathing room and the acceleration of emerging tech adoption creates havoc in every industry.  In order to help their clients address this challenge, the firm launched their Innovation Lab in 2022.  The Innovation Lab is a center for both theoretical brainstorming and creativity and acts as an end-to-end service line – from collaborative research to customer deliverable. Leveraging design thinking methodology, the Innovation Lab team works with organizations to monetize emerging technologies within their own offerings.  Infused Innovations offers clients external expert guidance and quick time-to-value including R&D as a service and use-case development around applied emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, AR/VR, and blockchain.

“The Innovation Lab leverages an agile development approach typically working towards a proof of concept or MVP in as little as 12-weeks. As modern technologies evolve on an almost daily basis, staying up to date can be overwhelming. It is also tricky to determine the technology’s compatibility with an organization’s objectives. The MVP approach allows enterprises to adopt a quick and low-risk approach to identifying projects with high potential”, said Jeff Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations.

Infused Innovations has a diverse project portfolio highlighting its role in innovation solutions built on the Microsoft Cloud for various organizations. One of its clients, a leading marine environmental consultancy, engaged the Innovation Lab to help explore use cases where the organization could yield operational benefits by leveraging artificial intelligence in their image analysis process.  The result was a 12,000x decrease in cost, 24x increase in speed, and exponential capacity to grow the business without additional headcount in this area.

Besides the market acceptance of Innovation Lab, Infused Innovations attributes its rapid growth over the past few years to both a high-touch client engagement model and their full spectrum of services. The firm incorporates a customized blend of strategic advisory, expert delivery, and managed services, delivered at a stable monthly cost, to help their customers be secure, productive, and grow effectively.

Through their Strategic Advisory services, Infused Innovations engages and works with a client’s executive leadership team. Infused Innovations plans “Art of the Possible” workshops, designs roadmaps, manages intra- and extra-industry context and comparison, and oversees the overall strategy with the help of its client advisor team.

Infused Innovations extends Expert Delivery services to provide assistance on implementing a customer’s digital journey by providing them with tactical components, such as solution architecture and engineering professional services around security, data and analytics, productivity solutions, web design, systems automation, and the application of marketing technologies.

For those organizations that require ongoing operational support, Infused Innovation’s Managed Services monitors a customer’s environment to ensure working equipment, increased productivity, updated configurations to adapt to systemic challenges, and identify and prevent security risks. The goal is to provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep an organization’s operations running by assigning a designated technology alignment manager (TAM) who manages an account’s performance, such as reactivating services and escalation to engineering resources.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, Infused Innovations is always looking to improve client outcomes.  This includes a commitment to ongoing employee training, investments in customer success programs as well as staying abreast of the everchanging marketplace.

However, for customers looking to disrupt their industries, innovate internally or externally, or bring new and emerging technologies to bear in solving problems, Innovation Lab delivers a unique offering from a Microsoft partner.