Innovative Fiber – We make boxes. better

Many brands believe that sustainability means they have to inevitably compromise on something along the way. This may usually entail a slice out of their profits, or their premium outlooks.

There may however be very little truth behind this bold assumption. Maybe it would sound better to take the word sustainable out of the equation. Owing to how it is often overused, consumers don’t always associate it with the real meaning.

The real way to put it is, it is timeless, durable, and resilient. This is just the formula that Innovative Fiber follows. With the striking slogan, “We make Boxes Better” they imprint their confidence of how they can dish out deliveries with less waste, shorter lead-times, that too with on-time delivery practices.

Innovative Fiber is a company with its eyes set on the horizon in which it will stand among the pioneers of sustainable packaging solutions. A process in which customers within the retail & foodservice markets can uplift their baking process & product aesthetics on the retail shelves. 

By leveraging a two-pronged business model, one of which focuses on custom food packaging and one that features the traditional brown box they stray away from the one size fits all mindset. 

With every solution they offer, Innovative Fiber allows for a custom experience that allows its customers to really show off their brand and their ideologies. 

Innovative Fiber boasts of two primary solutions within the customer food packaging side of the industry: CorrBake™ and CorrFresh™. 

CorrBake™ is a cutting-edge solution that seems to upskill and modernize the very baking process itself. 

A typical baking process usually goes along the lines of baking in metal pans, freezing the product, knocking the product out, and placing it into secondary corrugated packaging, shrink, wrap, and ship.  

The Innovative Fiber solution on the other hand, allows you to directly bake in corrugated packaging, shink, wrap, and ship! These bakeable goodies, instantly slash labor costs and suddenly make the baking and shipping process a whole lot easier. 

With rigorous food safety protocols firmly held in place, Innovative Fiber maintains an annually renewed SQF certification. In this way, they hope to reassure customers of their investment in quality, convenience, safety, efficiency, and long-term cost savings. Owing to its “Corr Values” CorrBake™ is a product that has been developed to be just as eco-friendly as it is convenient.

As stated by Jeff Covelli from Innovative Fiber’s Research and Development wing, “It streamlined their baking process, baking, shipping and selling all in the same tray.”

Now as we bring our attention over to CorrFresh™, another premiere solution for the food packaging industry we can observe the same green nature of the product. This is another turnkey solution that seeks to bring sustainability to the front lines of corrugated packaging. 

This is a fiber-based packaging solution that ensures there is no trace of PFAS in its development, as it’s a 100% compostable tray. These trays proliferate an ecological mindset geared for sustainability as they break down in as little as three weeks!

Innovative Fiber has also developed a patented “paper corner.” This is a process that allows their bakery liner to be folded onto itself as it gets glued. In the food industry, presentation matters, hence this technology ensures a 100% leakproof, webbed corner that eliminates grease staining & wicking which makes for a less than ideal aesthetic feel. 

The company also provides its customers with the traditional brown box, which may not be quite so traditional after all. It expresses that their expert manufacturing process and approach have helped put them in the lead through stellar customer service, quality, and sustainability. 

Innovative Fiber believes in smart work bolstered by a hard-working team that facilitates a unique operational system enabling higher performance, and cost-efficiency. 

Innovative Fiber has developed a new technology that will be introduced to Customers within the next month that will reduce freight cost and packaging costs.  The concept entails placing a tray former at the Customers facility that will form the patent-pending leak-proof tray called Corrlock.   

The value proposition to this program is shipping the trays flat as opposed to nested in a truck to optimize shipping cost and reduce the carbon footprint with fewer trucks required to ship material. Innovative Fiber and Right Stuff Equipment have partnered to create a custom tray former that will form the “paper corner tray” and allow customers the ability to form, deposit product, bake, and ship, all in one process eliminating the forming cost.

In the near future, they plan to expand into the protein and produce markets with a brand new, one-of-a-kind approach. Through constant R&D efforts, Innovative Fiber seeks to consistently dish out quality and sustainability to its customers. 

Innovative Fiber not only handcrafts world-class packaging solutions but they do it in an affordable, and sustainable manner. It not only provides packaging but a reimagined projection of your business as an eco-friendly one committed to green living practices.