Innoveo – The No Code App Development Platform

As a leading insurance tech company, Innoveo AG aims to transform the insurance landscape. The current insurance industry is undergoing a rapid digital migration. With most operations online, every enterprise focuses on efficiency and customer satisfaction. Innoveo is on a mission to provide unique tools across different industries to make services more enhanced and accessible for its clients and their customers.

Innoveo extends its solutions to various sectors, including property and casualty insurance, real estate, life and health insurance, financial services and banking, and service industries. The company provides its clients with the latest technology, helping them expand their business, ensure customer satisfaction, and achieve business goals.

Every company has its objectives. Irrespective of the size or sector, each enterprise follows a unique outline. Innoveo considers each company’s requirements and needs to create tailored services. It empowers organizations in inaccessible or complex industries, enabling them to reshape their application development. Innoveo regularly designs unique solutions, such as its no-code platform, which delivers flexible and agile features.

In today’s cutthroat market environment, no-code platforms revolutionize digital innovation. They automate, reduce costs, and increase agility in services. Innoveo’s no-code platform simplifies cross-platform functionality and enables omnichannel solutions. It requires no prior programming knowledge and can be used by any user—new or experienced. The no-code platform aligns the business operations of users, IT teams, and developers, allowing them to implement authorized end solutions.

Innoveo’s platform scales multiple tasks, ranging from small operations to more extensive functions. It accelerates market time by freeing up limited developer resources and reducing backlogs. Innoveo’s tool consists of over twenty-five pre-build solutions, open APIs, and automation tools that run ten times faster than standard enterprise tools and platforms.

Over 30 enterprises around the globe have trusted Innoveo and adopted our no-code platform to create digital brands, simplify and automate business processes, create enterprise-level applications, and revitalize their legacy systems,” said Vinod Kachroo, CEO of Innoveo AG.

With its no-code platform, Innoveo allows its clients to automate workflows, quickly onboard clients, manage policies according to regulation requirements, revitalize legacy systems and distribute their services digitally. The platform is compatible with multiple industries and operations, from working with a global and P&C insurer with a new product line to developing digital bookings and accounting for 5-star accommodations.

Innoveo’s no-code platform, Innoveo Skye Business Canvas, simplifies complex applications and integrates workflows in an intuitive no-code space. This tool provides Innoveo’s clients with in-built templates for designing enterprise-level applications, automating workflows, and integrating existing and third-party systems.

Companies require a single platform to manage multiple operations, and Innoveo Skye delivers a multi-purpose application. It configures, deploys, and handles company operations on the same platform using tools and operational support. From access management and risk governance to quality control and release management, Innoveo Skye offers a seamless application integration.

Innoveo Skye offers guidance and insights to form strategic plans, allowing enterprises to move forward with their business outlines. It detects real-time performance obstacles, creates an accessible environment, provides access management, and automatically incorporates quick and relevant changes.

Launched in 2007, the New Jersey-based company uses decades of expertise and knowledge to reform the business of companies worldwide. One of Innoveo’s clients, a large and global casualty insurance carrier, wanted to expand its SME chain internationally. The client needed suitable tools and services to grow their business globally and accelerate market time. The insurance carrier required a comprehensive policy management end-to-end platform to sell and dabble in various packaged insurance products, such as property and employer liability.

To help its client create a reusable end-to-end solution, Innoveo deployed its Innoveo Skye no-code platform. This platform provided the client with enterprise-level operations required to design modern, flexible, end-to-end digital services without relying on siloed systems. Innoveo Skye’s open API structure enabled Innoveo’s client to customize its services based on the targeted market.