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Transforming the digital journey of the establishment is a goal that almost 95% of contemporary businesses have. Be it cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, modern apps, or data solutions, Insight is the go-to solutions provider. As a Fortune 500 company that makes constant transformation its priority, Insight is the provider that can enhance your enterprise and its ventures.

Driving a digital transformation requires deep expertise, broad capabilities, and unmatched scale. In order to build a service that can meet all the requirements of a client, Insight operates on three core values: hunger, heart, and harmony. The company does not restrict these principles to client service alone. Everyone involved in a project receives the same attention and treatment from Insight. “Making meaningful connections starts with taking care of our teammates,” says Joyce Mullen, President and CEO of Insight.

Driven by deep curiosity, Insight seeks to develop secure and future-proof IT solutions. The ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace is simplified with the help of Insight’s team, which has decades of experience and expertise under their belt. Insight’s latest use case is Steward Health Care, whose aim was to boost hospital efficiency by reducing patient stay and accurately predicting staff requirements to meet patient needs. Leveraging real-time business data and analytics, Insight was able to assist Steward Health Care in accurately staffing, reducing patient stay and potentially saving millions of dollars per year in operational costs.

In the current digital-first world, businesses need to stay visible on digital platforms. Utilising Internet of Things sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning, organisations gain a  competitive edge in the field. Edge computing is what today’s organisations need to increase responsiveness. Since data is processed on the premises here, there is no delay in responding to business needs. Clients can detect manufacturing defects before products reach consumers, pivot quickly to address market changes, and react instantaneously to vulnerabilities. Edge technology can be implemented in any sector with the assistance of Insight.

Insight is a strong endorser of the group effort. “We don’t think of ourselves as individuals but as teammates. We take care of each other, our clients and our communities, and take pride in what we can collectively achieve,” comments Joyce Mullen. A strong instance of this is seen in the company’s effort to reduce e-waste. Being a digital solutions provider, the company feels responsible for technology playing a large part in the unfavourable climate changes. “I strongly believe that technology is our greatest resource for doing good, magnifying noble causes with an incomparable ability to scale, automate, innovate and communicate. Unfortunately, one of the dark sides of the fast-moving tech industry is the increasing volume of electronic waste or e-waste,” says CEO Mullen.

With the help of the strong supply chain expertise that Insight has as a solutions integrator, the company supports clients in their journey to reduce e-waste. In 2021, Insight resold or recycled 275,000 old hardware assets in the U.S., preventing 2 million pounds of electronic waste. To combat the e-waste issue Insight has also designed an asset disposition program that helps companies repurpose old equipment safely through data erasure and asset remarketing or disposal. Hoping to foster a more sustainable future, Insight relies on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact as the standard for conducting business.

Since harmony is a value that Insight seeks to operate by, accommodating uniqueness while working towards a common goal is seen in all of the company’s undertakings. If sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are non-negotiable in a partner that you are seeking, Insight is a perfect pick. With knowledge pertaining to more industries than one can imagine and services that keep evolving to meet the market standards, Insight is a solution provider that one can steadily rest their trust on.