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In today’s world, the amount of data being generated is growing at an unprecedented rate, with an estimated 175 zettabytes of data expected to be created by 2025. This presents a significant challenge for businesses, governments, and individuals who need to manage, store, and analyze this data effectively. Without the proper tools and infrastructure in place, managing this massive amount of data can be overwhelming, leading to lost opportunities, wasted resources, and increased risk of security breaches.

Also, various factors that affect the data integration are, rise of cloud computing and big data, hybrid and multi cloud strategy, real-time need for data integration & governance, data security, and the increasing use of AI/ML technologies. These are all influencing from external, but according to our data expert’s opinion “along with controlling the external wind, it is also equally important to control the internal sails”, which means along with addressing external factors, organizations also need to address internal factors as they go. Having said various internal factors that are affecting data integration are Data Silos, Data Lineage, Data Landscape, Data Traffic, Data synchronization, Data Serialization & de-serialization, Data Variety, Latency and Throughput.

IntoneSwift as a single platform addresses and solves each of these external and internal factors. That’s why our product is essential for any organization that wants to make the most of their data.  With IntoneSwift, businesses can turn above said affecting factors into an opportunity, leveraging their data to drive innovation, improve decision-making, and stay ahead of the competition.

Often, our clients in other line of business with Intone, express frustration about their data landscape, which is complex, fragmented, and difficult to manage. They say they struggle to integrate data from different sources, leading to data silos and poor data quality. Complains about lack of Realtime integration. With no option left they are becoming more dependent on single cloud provider due to lack of data sharing & synchronization capabilities between services running on two different cloud providers, ending up paying hefty amounts. Additionally, they face challenges in ensuring data security, complying with regulatory requirements, and maintaining data lineage. As the volume and variety of data continues to grow, they are also experiencing issues with data latency, throughput, and synchronization. Also, they are unable to utilize their compute and hardware power efficiently because of multiple data pipelines trying to hit the same data causing data traffic and increased wait times. An incident because of partial data synchronization or data quality issues causing ETAs too long, as they are lack about answers to who are the data owners, what was the data definition earlier, what is the upstream to it, what all are impacted? etc. these are costing their time and money. All these challenges impeding their ability to make informed decisions, hampering operational efficiency, and hindering innovation.

Our goal is to help our clients address these issues by providing a comprehensive data management solution that enables seamless integration, management, governance, and analysis of their data, leading to better decision-making and improved business outcomes.

We treat our clients with exquisite care, catering to their every need proactively. Our commitment to our clients is evident from our strong and unwavering partnerships that have spanned decades, as well as our consistently high customer satisfaction rates,” said Prabhakar Reddy, Founder and CEO of Intone.

Intone Swift comes with unique features such as

  1. Integration to 600+ data sources, applications, files, images and inhouse data sources.
  2. Business Glossaries, Data Catalogs, Data Lineage and metadata management.
  3. Graphical UI to build data pipelines with just few drag and drops.
  4. 40X speed in performing data computations and migrations.
  5. Centralized source connection management and pipeline monitoring system.
  6. On the fly data analysis editor for quick validations, statistics and measure calculations.
  7. Data Quality analyzer that makes sures that data coming into system is quality checked.
  8. A geographical data landscape that stores physical and logical locations of data i.e. where data resides and moves within an organization.

Our unique blend of engineering expertise and our customer-centric business model helps us to thrive against our competition in various market segments. Particularly when it comes to Intone Swift, we are truly unique,” said Ashok Panigrahi, Vice President, Sales, and Operations, at Intone.

Use case: An Organization that operates in multiple regions may have various data silos that store customer, financial, operational, product & HR data on different products, services, and customer demographics in different formats. This can make it difficult to obtain a comprehensive view of its operations, customer behavior, and market trends. In addition, poor data lineage result in difficulty tracking the source of issues, while poor data synchronization cause inconsistencies in data.

To address these challenges, organizations can implement IntoneSwift a data management platform that integrates data from different silos, provides real-time data synchronization, and tracks data lineage. By having a comprehensive view of their operations, customer behavior, and market trends, Organizations can make informed decisions about resource allocation, marketing strategies, and product development. IntoneSwift also makes sure Data traffic and throughput are taken care to ensure that data is processed and analyzed in a timely and efficient manner. It also helps with their geographical data landscape that helps them navigate between their data points.