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Intone with its decades of experience and brightest minds in data space, believes that the rate at which organizations handle the data increases year on year, methods organizations choose to operate the systems change, which leads to adopting more security standards. Because of this, Organizations tend to compromise and restrict on how they manage their data, left with no choice. Intone as a company aims to address these trends that affect data management by providing right innovative products and frameworks which helps in intelligent data management.

Through 2026, 90% of data management tools and platforms that fail to support multi cloud and hybrid capabilities will be set for decommissioning within three years.  — Gartner

Companies operating in cloud has seen widespread global adoption over the past few years. Need of remote working has forced companies to lean on cloud services and applications more than ever. However, cloud platforms are not uniform. Every business requires a unique cloud setup catering to its individual needs. Switching to the cloud presents companies with challenges concerning data integration, storage, discovery, security, and quality.

With every new system introduced on-premises or cloud or Hybrid cloud, there is an influx of new datasets, most of which become stale if not utilized to their full potential or not in sync with dependent datasets on time or making it inaccessible to the right audience at right time. Investing capital into obtaining data without curating it, is a loss for companies. Without the proper data integration and monitoring tools, data management becomes a time-consuming and capital-exhausting task. Launched in 2003, Keeping the hurdles of managing data in cloud and trends that are affecting data management on premises/cloud/Hybrid cloud in mind and its decades of experience, intone built centralized platforms like IntoneSwift & EagleEye 365, which supports all data-related operations and quality/security related monitoring, to combat the factors affecting the current data management sphere.


Organizations require a single medium that connects to different data sources lying on-premises and cloud platforms, monitor the quality & security of data, and intelligently manage the data stored.  IntoneSwift in combination with EagleEye 365 is one such tool that helps organizations intelligently manage their data by helping in Metadata management, Data Discovery, Data Integration, Data migrating, Data Digitization, Data Fabrication, Data Virtualization, Data Governance and Data Graphs along with unique capability in connecting to 600+ Data sources and Applications.


Our unique blend of engineering expertise and our customer-centric business model helps us to thrive against our competition in various market segments,” said Prabhakar Reddy, Founder, and CEO of Intone.

Staying true to the company’s tagline ‘Innovation, Transformation, Experience,’ Intone with decades of experience in data space, striving to transform the way how organizations integrate, store, secure and manage the data through continuous innovation in its Research and Development lab with its headquarters in New Jersey, US, and Global delivery center in Hyderabad, India.

We have always been bold in investing in projects and opportunities that substantiate and promote our vision and motto to transform businesses through constant innovation to provide a worthwhile experience,” said Ashok Panigrahi, Vice President, Sales, and Operations, Intone.